New Titles for 2010

Posted: June 7, 2010 by Eibonvale in New Titles

It is time to announce a few upcoming titles for 2010, which promises to be the most intense year yet for the press.  This may not be a complete list.  Look out for these titles and watch this blog for announcements.

Magic Mirror – Ed Pinsent

First up we have a landmark.  Eibonvale’s first collection of comics is now available.  Though ‘comics’ seems a rather inadequate term for these surreal and far-reaching visions expressed in text and picture.  Ed Pinsent’s work is truly unique and criminally hard to find, in spite of his status as a cult figure.  This is a 350+ page collection including a complete reprint of one of his most spectacular works, The Saga of the Scroll.

Unpleasant Tales – Brendan Connell

A new collection of the vicious and lethally sharp stories of Brendan Connell  These are supremely refined and elegant, creepily intelligent and, of course, exquisitely unpleasant stories that pack a tremendous punch, both individually and collectively.  The collection kicks off with The Maker of Fine Instruments, originally published in the world fantasy award winning Strange Tales anthology from Tartarus Press.

Automatic Safe Dog –
Jet McDonald

This is a vibrant and satirical novel of corporate nightmare by the very exciting newcomer to the novel world Jet McDonald, taking you on a bewildering, hilarious, grotesque and surreal ride.  Any novel that deals with making dogs into furniture and extrapolates an entire vivid alternative present London from that deserves attention.

Tallest Stories – Rhys Hughes

A major new work from Rhys Hughes, Tallest Stories is a collection of 60 short pieces that link together beautifully into a whole.  Welcome to The Tallest Story, the second most grandiose pub in the world – always at least one narrow alley and three imaginary corners away from the Cardiff waterfront – a pub that lies in another dimension, somewhere between dawn and sunrise and adjacent to both infinity and eternity – where the floor is not made out of toenails, but out of all the words that are spoken for no good reason.  A place where the only currency that matters is stories . . .

Sylvow – Douglas Thompson

Following on from the success of Ultrameta (which quickly became Eibonvale’s best-selling book), we are pleased to present a new remarkable novel from Douglas Thompson.  This time, he has dug deep into the inevitable guilt that we all feel, as a culture/species, for the disastrous state of civilization and its effect on both ourselves and the world around us.  He has created a book that is part surrealism, part philosophy, part fantasy and part horror novel.  Original and ecstatically visionary.

Blind Swimmer – by All of Us

An Anthology featuring works by the writers who have been involved in the press since the start.  An Eibonvale self-portrait if you like.  Tackling the themes of creativity and isolation, this will present a collection of stories as diverse as the authors themselves.

Bloody War – Terry Grimwood

A dark, bloody and very British apocalyptic novel, set in near-contemporary London.  Simultaneously a thrilling page-turner and a tough and painful read filled with horrifically plausible imagery, this book paints a picture of England at war with an unknown assailant and the dark and dirty depths that lurk behind that.  Excels in its portrayals of the reaction of London and the British media to a full-scale conflict on our own front door.

A Glimpse of the Numinous – Jeff Gardiner

A new collection by the very talented Jeff Gardiner.  This book is darkly disturbing contemporary horror at its most relevant and intelligent, taking you to places that you may well find challenging and discomforting, revealing the strangeness that can colour the familiar world, both within the human mind and outside it.

The Book of Tides – David Rix

This new collection by David Rix builds dramatically on the foundation laid by his earlier work, What the Giants were Saying.  Over 7 years in the making, this is a substantial collection of linked stories and novellas following the haunting and haunted life of Feather, the running girl – a woman subsumed in creativity, magic, madness, despair and the lost.

  1. Prangs says:

    When is Automatic Safe Dog’s Release date?

  2. brendanconnell says:

    Good idea to switch to WordPress. I’ll link from my blog.

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