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The paperback of Unpleasant Tales is now availabe, for £8.99 direct from Eibonvale, or through Amazon and other places for those who prefer.

Nina Allan: In Close Up on the Black Static Blog

Posted: July 23, 2010 by Eibonvale in News, Reviews

Peter Tennant has published an interesting interview on the Black Static Case Notes Blog with Nina Allan, the author of A Thread of Truth who really seems to be going places and gaining a reputation among British slipstream writing.  As well as the collection A Thread of Truth, Nina will also have a substantial novella in the upcoming Blind Swimmer anthology from Eibonvale Press.  A piece as beautiful, subtle and delicate as any of her works.

Click here to read the interview:

First Review of Magic Mirror is Published

Posted: July 15, 2010 by Eibonvale in Reviews

The first review of Magic Mirror is here, from Stephen Theaker, and he has some very positive things to say about it – especially the “hallucinatory, prophetic Wilberforce epic, The Saga of the Scroll, which is breathtaking, ambitious, experimental and not a little baffling, in the best possible way.”  It’s now online on his blog (below) and also to appear in Theaker’s Quarterly and (hopefully) the BFS’s news magazine Prism.  Thanks to Stephen Theaker for that!

Magic Mirror Hardcover and Other News

Posted: July 13, 2010 by Eibonvale in New Titles, News

Well, I am just back from a short and much-needed break (spending most of the time still working on things but never mind!) and there are a few news items to impart.  Firstly and most importantly, the hardcover version of Magic Mirror has put in an appearance at last . . . and it is absolutely gorgeous!  The paperback was a fine book, but this casebound hardcover is just beautiful.  At 280mm by 216mm, it is a substantial volume and Ed Pinsent’s art is more or less the same size in both versions, but here the squarer shape gives a more spacious layout.  And, at 350 pages, this is nothing if not a substantial volume.

In other news: The paperback version of Unpleasant Tales is now at the printers.  I am expecting the proof copy in not too many days.

And finally, just a little bit further down the line, I am just collecting together and editing the final pieces for the Blind Swimmer anthology, and even I am surprised by the quality of some of them.  There are some truly exceptional new stories and novellas here.  Blind Swimmer is a book that will collect together mostly new works by all of us writers who have been involved with Eibonvale Press – an Eibonvale self portrait and sampler, if you like.  More details will follow soon but it promises to be a very interesting book.

Well, here it is!  I hold in my hand the first ever copy of Unpleasant Tales to exist in the world and I am just checking it over.  So far, it looks great!  Quiet colours, no horrible surprises, nothing cut off, nothing mysteriously turned green, interior looks lovely.  So yes – it’s time for another launch!  Now where’s that celebratory drink I promised myself . . . Brendan, raise a glass of whatever your favorite tipple is (in my case, Croatian Pelinkovac) and lets toast another book into the world!  🙂

Anyway – here’s the complete cover and the full info, including the wonderful blurb by Rhys Hughes:

Every generation throws up a few genuine Masters of the Weird. There simply is no hyperbole in the statement that Brendan Connell is a member of this elite group right now, perhaps the most accomplished of them all. His work is very strange but always proceeds with rigorous logic and his use of language is original, concise and often startling, employing the alchemy of a ferocious intelligence to create dreamscapes that have the solidity and cruelty of stone and iron. The blend of profound melancholy, decadent atmosphere and abstruse erudition work beautifully and the magic of his prose gets under the skin of your soul and remains there forever.

Rhys Hughes

From the comic to the shocking, from the refined to the visceral, and blurring the boundaries between all four – Unpleasant Tales is a remarkable new collection of some of Brendan Connell’s darkest stories. Drenched in gluttony and decadence and with a scope stretching from the depravity of rulers in ancient Greece and Renaissance Spain, to phantasmagorical body alteration in Zürich and New York, these are supremely refined and elegant, creepily intelligent and, of course, exquisitely unpleasant stories that pack a tremendous punch, both individually and collectively. Stories that will not easily be forgotten.


The Maker of Fine Instruments
The Black Tiger
The Putrimaniac
A Dish of Spouse
The Girl of Wax
The Tongue
The Skin Collector
The Nasty Truth about Dentists
The Nanny Goat
Mesh of Veins
The Flatterer
The Last Mermaid
The Cruelties of Him
The Woman of Paper
The Last of the Burroways
The Unicorn
Virgin Hearts
We Sleep on a Thousand Waves Beneath the Stars

Now – get your arses over to Eibonvale Press and buy lots of copies, ok!  Heheh!

New Titles Status Report

Posted: July 1, 2010 by Eibonvale in New Titles

Hi everyone!  I just wanted to let you know how things were progressing here in the busiest year yet.  I am just literally waiting for the proof copy of Unpleasant Tales to drop through my letterbox (or more likely for me to slog over to the post office and pick it up).  When that happens, and I am satisfied that there is nothing wrong with it, the book will be good to go and I will take a large celebratory drink of relief.

With Unpleasant Tales finished, I have started working on the art for Sylvow, Tallest Stories, Bloody War and Blind Swimmer.  I am not used to working on so many at the same time and I am starting to feel the pressure!  But at any rate, look out for these titles in the not too distant future.  So far, I have solid concepts and layouts for all except Tallest Stories (which is still just an idea, basically).  I am hoping to get all these complete by September – but we shall have to see whether or not I manage that.

A word about Automatic Safe Dog: I am doing something here that I have never tried before and involving a second artist, who will be collaborating with me.  This eccentric novel certainly deserves the treatment and I think that will help produce a truly maverick cover design for it.

If you want to place orders for any of the forthcoming books, just a reminder that we do have a reservation system.  Essentially, just drop me an email and I will make sure you get copies of the books as soon as they are released.

Ok, back to work . . .