Magic Mirror Hardcover and Other News

Posted: July 13, 2010 by Eibonvale in New Titles, News

Well, I am just back from a short and much-needed break (spending most of the time still working on things but never mind!) and there are a few news items to impart.  Firstly and most importantly, the hardcover version of Magic Mirror has put in an appearance at last . . . and it is absolutely gorgeous!  The paperback was a fine book, but this casebound hardcover is just beautiful.  At 280mm by 216mm, it is a substantial volume and Ed Pinsent’s art is more or less the same size in both versions, but here the squarer shape gives a more spacious layout.  And, at 350 pages, this is nothing if not a substantial volume.

In other news: The paperback version of Unpleasant Tales is now at the printers.  I am expecting the proof copy in not too many days.

And finally, just a little bit further down the line, I am just collecting together and editing the final pieces for the Blind Swimmer anthology, and even I am surprised by the quality of some of them.  There are some truly exceptional new stories and novellas here.  Blind Swimmer is a book that will collect together mostly new works by all of us writers who have been involved with Eibonvale Press – an Eibonvale self portrait and sampler, if you like.  More details will follow soon but it promises to be a very interesting book.

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