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Following on from a highly successful FantasyCon, we have a very limited stock of signed copies of some titles left over.  Eibonvale does not regularly work with signed books through the website, so this is a fairly rare chance to get some.  The available titles are:

All of these are available in both hardcover and paperback.  These are available to order at the usual price and strictly on a first come first served basis.  Some of these, notably Nina’s collection, are literally just one or two copies, so please don’t hesitate if you want one.

To get one, just email me on to check for availability.

In addition, Signed copies of Unpleasant Tales are still available in the US, though we would have to make special arrangements to get orders shipped to the UK.

Again, please dont hesitate.  Some of these are going to sell out fast!

Edit:  We are now sold out of Signed Thread of Truth paperbacks

Eibonvale Press at FantasyCon 2010

Posted: September 9, 2010 by Eibonvale in Uncategorized

As many will no doubt already be aware, Eibonvale Press will be attending the British Fantasy Society’s FantasyCon event this year for the first time ever.  It is a bit of a venture into unknown territory and extremely exciting and we are ensuring that we make the most of it.

Dealer Room

We shall be there in the dealer room with the full catalogue of our books for sale at discount prices, so bring your cash and prepare to part with it!

Launch Event – Sylvow (Douglas Thompson) and Blind Swimmer

We shall also be holding a launch event for our latest two titles.  Douglas Thompson will be reading from and signing his brand new novel Sylvow and there will be readings from a selection of authors from the Blind Swimmer Anthology.  This event is scheduled to take place in the dealer room at 10.00AM on Saturday.

Reading – David Rix

David Rix will be holding a half-hour reading event on Sunday at 11.00 AM, presenting a preview of his forthcoming collection The Book of Tides.  This collection of linked stories, the result of some seven years work, is due for release by the end of the year.  The Book of Tides, and all other forthcoming titles, can be reserved on the Eibonvale Press website.

Anyway – we look forward to seeing you at FantasyCon 2010!

FantasyCon 2010 website:

Two New Books – Blind Swimmer and Sylvow

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Ok folks – as some of you may have noticed, we have two more books out now and ready to order, in both hardback and paperback editions:

Blind Swimmer - And Eibonvale Press Anthology

Blind Swimmer - An Eibonvale Press Anthology

The first is Blind Swimmer, our first anthology.  This book provides a chance to look back a bit and define Eibonvale Press as an entity.  Blind Swimmer collects together 11 stories and novellas, most never before published, by all the writers who have made up or will soon make up the Eibonvale Press family.  Creativity in Isolation was the theme we set, and the results are as varied as the writers themselves.  Different takes on what creativity is, what isolation is and whom we are talking to as we tell our tales in the wilderness.  The stories stretch from classically tinged horror to urban strangeness to experimental fiction and surrealism.  From short stories to full length novellas.  From the wilderness of Britain and Sweden to the equal wilderness of the American urban landscape.  Blind Swimmer is a unique and spectacular journey through the flip-side of contemporary writing.

The contributors are:  Nina Allan, Gerard Houarner, Rhys Hughes, Brendan Connell, David Rix, Allen Ashley, Jet McDonald, Douglas Thompson, Terry Grimwood, Alexander Zelenyj and Andrew Coulthard

Plus a foreword by Joel Lane and an essay by David Rix, the man behind the press.

See this post for the full contents list.

Sylvow by Douglas Thompson

Sylvow by Douglas Thompson

The second book, just out after a mad scramble with the printers, is Sylvow, Douglas Thompson’s Eco/environmentally themed surreal science fiction novel.  His first book Ultrameta was a tremendous success, gathering some of the most enthusiastic reviews we have ever had on an Eibonvale title – being hailed as “a new form of literature for a new century” and “a modern classic” by Sci-Fi Online – as well has receiving comparisons to Beckett and Joyce.  In this new book, has dug deep into the inevitable guilt that we all feel, as a culture/species, for the disastrous state of civilization and its effect on both ourselves and the world around us – in the process, touching on elements as diverse as literary surrealism, philosophical tract, horror, disaster novel and visionary science fiction.

This is also the first look at the Sylvow cover art, by David Rix.

Agony Column / Unpleasant Tales

Posted: September 6, 2010 by brendanconnell in Reviews

A fantastic review of Unpleasant Tales is up at the Agony Column.

A quote:

“Connell is great in a prose level, and there are lots of passages you’ll want to read aloud just to mess with the heads of the people you love. Of course, this inclination will tell you more about yourself than you might want to know, but by then you’ll likely be hooked.”