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Sylvow -a tale of two reviews…

Posted: November 27, 2010 by douglasthompson in Reviews

We at Eibonvale have a wonderful object lesson to offer you today on how separate reviewers can see the same book quite differently, something Brendan likened (with Ultrameta) to blind men feeling up different bits of an elephant (an ancient Hindu allegorical fable about the ultimate unknowability of God, but that’s another story). Regina de Burca at The Future Fire takes a penetrating philosophical dip into it all:
Meanwhile Adam Groves at just rolls his sleeves up and enjoys the blood, semen and chlorophyl… run me a bath, someone.
Both reviewers seem to have really enjoyed the book, and felt inspired enough to talk at length about their reactions, for which we thank them heartily!

Sacramento Book Review

Posted: November 27, 2010 by brendanconnell in Reviews

Jonathon Howard talks about Unpleasant Tales at the Sacramento Book Review, saying:

“Such rich evocative wordscapes do provide an aura of profligacy and decadence, which for me greatly enhanced the stories.  You’ll laugh, you’ll shudder, you might even cry; all a little wickedly while reading this delightful book.”


Innsmouth Free Press / Unpleasant Tales

Posted: November 15, 2010 by brendanconnell in Reviews

Lyndsey Holder at Innsmouth Free Press reviews Unpleasant Tales.

Quote: “The only author that comes to mind when I think of Connell’s style is the manga artist/author Junji Ito. The effect their work has on me is the same. I will read it voraciously, hungrily, and afterwards, it will fill me with a sense of disquiet. I will be plagued with the memory of the more disturbing aspects and I will wonder why I read it at all. In a week or so, the uneasiness vanishes and I instantly want to read more.”

Blind Swimmer comes up for air again…

Posted: November 12, 2010 by douglasthompson in Reviews

Another positive and in-depth review of Eibonvale’s “Blind Swimmer” anthology has appeared, this time by Ros Jackson of the WarPcore SF website. Ros says “The contributors to Blind Swimmer have found refreshingly individual ways to tackle the issue of the conflict between connection and isolation…” She gives it 4 out of 5 stars and concludes by saying:
“Blind Swimmer is an intriguing and brave collection, filled with challenging stories which often sit on the edge of genre definitions, defying our expectations…”

Sylvow reviewed at Sci Fi Online

Posted: November 6, 2010 by douglasthompson in Reviews

Charles Packer, a big fan of Ultrameta last year, has given “Sylvow” a generous 9/10 in his review over at Sci-Fi Online:

“The narrative shows a level of brutality which may shock some, from the description of the almost biblical end of days, to the last thrashing throws of unrelenting sexuality of a species, aware of its probable demise, which tries to find meaning and continuity in the sexual act…

This is an incredibly well written book… the slow unravelling of the central characters, and their mounting realisation of the horrors which the future may hold, make for compulsive reading.”