2011 at Eibonvale Press

Posted: January 23, 2011 by Eibonvale in News

Regardless of whether you care about traditions or not (and hey, at least part of this business involves overthrowing traditions!), this dead time in the year forms an inevitable time for looking back and looking forward.  Sometimes the winter is depressing – the grey skies and tetchy tempers . . . sometimes it is exciting – the snow on the ground, the weather occasionally doing something interesting.  If nothing else, introspection and analysis is a product of the seasons and probably has been for a loooong time!

In other words – it’s time for a status report!  Looking forward, you can expect the releases of our next two titles – Automatic Safe Dog and Bloody War – fairly soon now.  At last!  And both are certainly eagerly awaited.  I have more prior reservations for Automatic Safe Dog than any previous title!  Automatic Safe Dog is the first book where I have involved someone else in the artwork as a collaboration – the rather conceptual/experimental-based Jasmin Topalusic, who has an imagination that is fitting for one of the most over-the-top and surreal books I have read in a while!  The artwork is now making significant strides and will be worth waiting for I hope . . . and I can’t wait to see the expression on the author’s face! Bloody War, to be published at more or less the same time, is very close to completion now.  The cover for that piece of British apocalyptic goodness is in the final stages of refining and polishing, and then it can go!

On a personal note, it is of course a challenge to combine the running of a small publishing company with your own writing (not to mention the day job).  The fairly positive reaction to my piece in Blind Swimmer proved a bit of a morale booster and I am determined to dedicate more time to pushing my first collection into print and to finishing my current novel.  This is a contradiction of attention that must affect anyone who tries to work on both sides of the fence, especially as both develop.  Wasn’t it this that led to the demise of the much missed Elastic Press?  Don’t worry – Eibonvale certainly wont be closing any time soon, but keeping those two ‘careers’ jostling in the brain can be a somewhat stressful business and I ask people to bear that in mind while waiting patiently or not so patiently for new releases!  2011 promises to be a very exciting year.

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