Two little Thumbs Up

Posted: January 23, 2011 by Eibonvale in Reviews

There have recently been two nice little mentions of the press and its books, including’s 2010: A Look Back in Horror – an article that briefly looks back at the decidedly ‘precarious’ state of horror today, but nevertheless finds plenty of positive things to highlight hidden deep within the genre – including Eibonvale press’s Unpleasant Tales and Sylvow!

Also interesting is the brief mention of a proper new (scarily expensive) edition of E.H. Visiak’s legendary book ‘Medusa’ from Centipede Press – a book that seriously deserved to be re-released, though whether that justifies the price of $95 I am not so sure.  I might have to buy a copy of that if I can screw up the finances!

Virtualnotes also has time to discuss Sylvow in the context of a rather murky riff on destruction and apocalypse, rubbing shoulders with Doris Lessing and the poetry of Christine Rhein.

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