Editor Allen Ashley reports the latest news on Eibonvale’s forthcoming anthology “Where Are We Going?”

Posted: March 12, 2011 by Eibonvale in For Writers

This will be my fourth full-length anthology and I have to say that submissions so far have been unusually thin. A big thank you to those who have sent in a story and you will all be hearing back from me soon. This book has been publicised at Ralan, Duotrope’s Digest, The British Fantasy Society Newsletter and other venues but – and I know I’m tempting fate here – I am still waiting for the expected flood of stories. The guidelines say “Postal Submissions Preferred”  but I am happy to consider email submissions so long as they fit the guidelines. Email me at editorwherearewegoing@hotmail.co.uk

But – no novels, novellas, poems or plays, please!

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