New Title – Automatic Safe Dog is Now Available

Posted: March 20, 2011 by Eibonvale in News

Hi folks! Well – as some of you may have seen, Jet McDonald’s novel Automatic Safe Dog has now been released and is available for sale. I have only just got back from a short time away from home, so my apologies that the announcement here is a little late. This novel of corporate/commercialism satire, lurid London strangeness and lots and lots of dogs is definitely one of the more exciting titles we have handled and Jet certainly looks to be a writer to keep an eye on.

Automatic Safe Dog

Cover blurb:
In this, his extraordinary debut novel, Jet McDonald has created a heady brew of volatile cocktail ingredients. Madcap surreal humour blends with vicious parody of the world of work, the vanity of “Creative” types, the torments of unrequited love, animal cruelty and the excesses of consumer society. Words and sentences undergo some kind of alchemy under McDonald’s reckless stewardship, he whips them up into little frenzies like performing pooches and makes them jump through the burning hoops of our open mouths and frazzled brains. Not so much a breath of fresh air as a snort of something industrial, read this book and become initiated into a rebellion of the mind that will leave you inspired and laughing with exhilaration.

Status Report
Look out for Bloody War, Terry Grimwood’s dark apocalyptic novel of modern warfare in the UK, very soon now. That and Automatic Safe Dog will form a pair of releases.

If that wasn’t bad enough, I will then turn my beleaguered attention to designing a triple release – an ambitious project that frankly scares me! This will be Rhys Hughs’ work of utter genius Tallest Stories, the collection of dark short works by Jeff Gardner entitled A Glimpse of the Numinous and David Rix’s very moody collection of pieces linked into a long narrative entitled Feather. I will manage it somehow and I can promise they will be well worth waiting for!!

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