Sylvow reviewed in Black Static

Posted: April 16, 2011 by douglasthompson in Reviews

Peter Tennant has reviewed Douglas Thompson’s novel “Sylvow” in the latest copy of Black Static Magazine (No.22). He compares it (favourably!) to the Bride Of Frankenstein! He writes:

“Thompson writes with the assurance of someone completely in control of his material, bringing the story alive on the page, with images of the beautiful and bizarre – a pirate queen sailing her galleon through flooded streets, a dog man hybrid with stories of mutation and science run amok, a tree that rapes a young girl in a scene that brings to mind The Evil Dead, strange plant life infesting a house and absorbing any and all human interlopers, art forms left to rot and decay as part of the natural process and thus achieving a new form of beauty…

…Douglas Thompson has produced a powerful new work of apocalyptic fiction, one that should appeal to readers of all stripes, but primarily those of horror and science fiction. He offers a highly original, fascinating and far from entirely bleak account of the interesting times to come, one that is both literary and humane, illustrating the book’s subtext that as long as the sun shines the world will go on, life will endure.”

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  2. […] inversion of, Sylvow, my second novel, which received excellent reviews such as this one from Pete Tennant. “Volwys’ is about a future Earth locked into an ice age provoked by our current […]

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