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I have now accepted stories number six and seven for the anthology. They are “The Bridge” by A. J. Kirby and “A Guide To Surviving Malabar” by Ian Shoebridge. Andrew Kirby lives in Leeds and has published three novels and a host of short stories; Ian Shoebridge lives in Australia and… I don’t have any other biographical detail to hand at the moment! I will post some when I do.

For those of you who have not heard back from me yet – there has been a late flurry of submissions leading up to the 31 May deadline. Many stories are on their third reading. I expect to get back to everybody with a “yes” or “no” by the end of June.

One of my favourite sayings is, “Be careful what you wish for.” The veracity of this old adage has been proved again over the past few days. There I was thinking: I’ve had some really good submissions for my “Where Are We Going?” anthology but could still do with a wider pool to choose from. My solution was to contact Rachel Kendall at the excellent “Sein und Werden” magazine and ask her to send the anthology details to her mailing list. Well, I should have thought of doing this much earlier as I have now received loads more submissions. In fact, I’m still downloading them! Cheers, Rachel.

Submissions for “Where Are We Going?” close on Tuesday 31 May 2011. No exceptions. Further details from me at

I have now made the fifth definite acceptance for the anthology. This is ‘The Human Map’ by Andrew Hook. Andrew is an award winning author and editor based in Norwich who ran the successful and much-missed Elastic Press publishing imprint for 6 years. His story is one of those where you might get to the end and want to go straight back to the beginning to see how subtly it’s all been done… I’ll say no more on that.

However, just a quick reminder that the submission window closes in a fortnight – at 10pm British Summer Time on Tuesday 31 May 2011. So, get your stories to me as an email attachment before then or you won’t have a chance of getting into the book. Email me: Allen at

This year, I am pleased to report that Eibonvale Press has a good handful of recommendations for the BFS Award in various categories.

  • Sylvow (Douglas Thompson) – Best Novel
  • Bellony, Blind Swimmer (Nina Allan) – Best Novella
  • Blind Swimmer – Best Anthology
  • Unpleasant Tales (Brendan Connell) – Best Collection
  • And the press itself in the Best Small Press category

Needless to say, congrats to everyone recommended and it is exciting to see such a strong Eibonvale presence in the list, especially given how little urging and canvassing I personally engage in.

Anyway – not withstanding my last sentence, I want to remind everyone out there that is a BFS member that voting on the above titles ends on the 1st June so please don’t forget to pop by and place your ticks (check-marks) in the boxes.  And if you wish to make them Eibonvale Press boxes then even better of course!  And that’s precisely as far as I shall allow myself to proceed in terms of canvassing!  Let’s see if we can get some of these onto the shortlist!

For those of you curious about Douglas Thompson’s novel “Sylvow”, then the first chapter of it can be read online here:

If you are a BFS member, then you will already have received 3 other chapters of the book, in: Dark Horizons No.55 (“Vivienne’s Garden”) and New Horizons No.3 (“Veronika”) and New Horizons No.5 (“The Doctrine Of Signatures”), thus between all of those you can read nearly a quarter of the book for free already…

Take care everyone and hopefully see you at FantasyCon 2011

Things are really moving with the anthology. I have just made three further acceptances. They are: “A Faraway City” by Joel Lane; “Xana-La” by Stephen Palmer; and “Underpass” by Daniella Geary. Joel Lane should need no introduction to anybody who follows the broad SF / F/ H field – he’s a great writer and multi-award winner and, I’m glad to say, someone I’ve known as a friend for a long time. Stephen Palmer has had books published by Orbit and PS; his story is a witty piece of invention as a counterpoint to some of the more serious entries in the anthology. Daniella Geary is a brand new writer and this is her first acceptance. That knowledge is always a thrill to me as an editor – it’s a bit like being the football coach who “discovers” Jack Wilshere or David Beckham!

More news on acceptances soon. The book is filling up. Submission window closes on 31st May – no exceptions made!