Allen Ashley, editor of forthcoming anthology “Where Are We Going?”, reports:

Posted: May 5, 2011 by Eibonvale in For Writers

Things are really moving with the anthology. I have just made three further acceptances. They are: “A Faraway City” by Joel Lane; “Xana-La” by Stephen Palmer; and “Underpass” by Daniella Geary. Joel Lane should need no introduction to anybody who follows the broad SF / F/ H field – he’s a great writer and multi-award winner and, I’m glad to say, someone I’ve known as a friend for a long time. Stephen Palmer has had books published by Orbit and PS; his story is a witty piece of invention as a counterpoint to some of the more serious entries in the anthology. Daniella Geary is a brand new writer and this is her first acceptance. That knowledge is always a thrill to me as an editor – it’s a bit like being the football coach who “discovers” Jack Wilshere or David Beckham!

More news on acceptances soon. The book is filling up. Submission window closes on 31st May – no exceptions made!

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