Eibonvale Press British Fantasy Society Award Recommendations

Posted: May 15, 2011 by Eibonvale in News

This year, I am pleased to report that Eibonvale Press has a good handful of recommendations for the BFS Award in various categories.

  • Sylvow (Douglas Thompson) – Best Novel
  • Bellony, Blind Swimmer (Nina Allan) – Best Novella
  • Blind Swimmer – Best Anthology
  • Unpleasant Tales (Brendan Connell) – Best Collection
  • And the press itself in the Best Small Press category

Needless to say, congrats to everyone recommended and it is exciting to see such a strong Eibonvale presence in the list, especially given how little urging and canvassing I personally engage in.

Anyway – not withstanding my last sentence, I want to remind everyone out there that is a BFS member that voting on the above titles ends on the 1st June so please don’t forget to pop by and place your ticks (check-marks) in the boxes.  And if you wish to make them Eibonvale Press boxes then even better of course!  And that’s precisely as far as I shall allow myself to proceed in terms of canvassing!  Let’s see if we can get some of these onto the shortlist!


For those of you curious about Douglas Thompson’s novel “Sylvow”, then the first chapter of it can be read online here:


If you are a BFS member, then you will already have received 3 other chapters of the book, in: Dark Horizons No.55 (“Vivienne’s Garden”) and New Horizons No.3 (“Veronika”) and New Horizons No.5 (“The Doctrine Of Signatures”), thus between all of those you can read nearly a quarter of the book for free already…

Take care everyone and hopefully see you at FantasyCon 2011

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