Sylvow and A Thread Of Truth reviewed in Wormwood.

Posted: June 1, 2011 by douglasthompson in Reviews

Douglas Thompson‘s “Sylvow” has been reviewed by Reggie Oliver in the latest issue (No.16, Spring 2011) of Wormwood magazine from Tartarus Press:

“Sylvow has enough ideas, themes, images, plot lines and incidents for about half a dozen ordinary novels… The mixture is a rich one. What manages to keep this narrative on the rails -just -is that the small cast of characters is well-defined and sympathetic… I liked Sylvow. It is a thoughtful, powerful, at times genuinely poetic work”

In the same article, Reggie also reviews fellow Eibonvale author Nina Allan‘s collection “A Thread Of Truth“, remarking that she may “…become one of the most accomplished of the modern exponents of the strange story, a worthy successor -but how different! -to Robert Aickman. Reading her is already a great pleasure”.

  1. […] An extract of Reggie Oliver’s review of “Sylvow” can also be read at Eibonvale: […]

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