Sylvow reviewed in Midnight Street

Posted: June 8, 2011 by douglasthompson in Reviews

Trevor Denyer has reviewed “Sylvow” in the latest edition of Midnight Street Magazine (No.15):

“…the hallmark of this talented and imaginative writer remains clear. This is quality writing that grips the reader with an almost guilty pleasure…
…The horror elements are expertly crafted and extreme as the forest and its components encroach upon the city and its inhabitants. The characters are unusual and well drawn, providing depth to the narrative…
…this is a superb and important novel that combines horror and fantasy elements, cleverly interweaving them into an apocalyptic tale that resonates with our feelings about the ecology of the planet and imagines an original scenario where the tables are turned masterfully and devastatingly against us.”

  1. […] An extract of Trevor Denyer’s review of “Sylvow” (in the latest edition of Midnight Street Magazine: No.15) can be found over at the Eibonvale Press blog: […]

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