Bloody War….. bloody good.

Posted: June 20, 2011 by douglasthompson in Reviews

Well, we with our tin hats on here at Eibonvale Press understand of course that we’re dug in for a long campaign, but so far the dispatches are looking pretty good about Terry Grimwood’s novel Bloody War:

Over at The Horror Zine website, Nicolette Heaton-Harris says:

“This fast-paced book has twists and turns, and the story pulls you this way and that. This is a thriller, written in a surprisingly conversational, intimate tone, allowing you as the reader to travel on Pete’s journey with him. Grimwood’s tale is gripping from the first page and definitely has that PTQ: Page Turning Quality. His character Pete is one you can easily relate to. In fact, Pete could be anyone….the man next to you in the shopping queue….or even you or me…”

Then, over at Warpcore SF, Ros Jackson gives Terry a spectacular 5 out of 5 stars, and says:

“Bloody War is utterly terrifying. The first person narrative makes the story more immediate, and the tension is cranked up by scenes of awful claustrophobia and the constant threat of death. But I think what really drives home the fear is the way the story is set now, in a London that’s both completely transformed yet easily recognisable, using the language of conflict we’ve all heard in the media and recognisable and believable weaponry…

…Bloody War is an important book, a timely warning about political complacency and the insidious erosion of our rights. And the ending, which brings the story’s relevance to the real world into clear and startling focus, blew me away.”


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