Bloody War… in coming!

Posted: June 21, 2011 by douglasthompson in Reviews

Hard hats on again, lads (and ladies). Just when you thought it was safe to put your head back up above the parapet, we have another very good reviewing in-coming, of Terry Grimwood’s Bloody War, this one from Paul Wilks at The Future Fire, who finds “the narrative engrossing and the plot devastating”. Paul explores the novel in critical depth, even giving some credence to a weighty comparison with Orwell’s 1984. The review really needs to be read in its entirety, but here are two snippets:

“The novel roars along at a blistering pace and there are plenty of cliff-hangers. I read the book in two sittings but many readers will require only one. It is very difficult to elaborate on the plot at too great a depth without releasing spoilers, but the novel is packed with twists and turns and these continue until the final page…

…Both refreshing and disturbing, Bloody War is a speculative gem; an honest, well written ‘What If?’ novel. It proposes an old fashioned war coming to modern-times London and describes deliciously the societal vacuums and issues this creates.”


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