Allen Ashley, editor of forthcoming anthology “Where Are We Going?” reports:

Posted: July 27, 2011 by eibonvale in For Writers, News

I have now made the final acceptances for the book. They are as follows: ‘At The Rail’ by Andrew Coburn; ‘Wake With The Light’ by Jet McDonald; ‘Entanglement’ by Douglas Thompson; ‘Journey to the Engine of the Earth’ by Terry Grimwood; and ‘Future Prospects?’ by Geoff Stevens. Andrew Coburn is an American author with 13 novels to his name; Jet McDonald appeared in two of my earlier anthologies and is the author of the Eibonvale title ‘Automatic Safe Dog’; Douglas Thompson is a prolific Glasgow-based writer whose previous books include ‘Ultrameta’ and ‘Sylvow’ (both still available from Eibonvale); Terry Grimwood runs Exaggerated Press and will be familiar to Eibonvale devotees for his recent novel ‘Bloody War’, Geoff Stevens is a Midlands based poet and artist and is editor of ‘Purple Patch’ poetry magazine.

My thanks to all the authors who sent me stories for consideration. If you didn’t quite make the final selection, good luck placing your work elsewhere.

So what next? Well, the most pressing jobs are: to write a brief introduction, to choose a running order; and then get the complete manuscripts to Eibonvale. So, I won’t be idle and will be blogging again soon.


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