Automatic for the people…

Posted: July 29, 2011 by douglasthompson in Reviews

Jet McDonald’s extraordinary debut novel “Automatic Safe Dog” has received two first class reviews in close succession, one from Charles Packer at the Review Graveyard website, and the other from Jessica Nelson at The Future Fire.

Giving Jet marks of 8/10, Charles writes:
“…There are certainly surreal elements reminiscent of Brazil, as well absurdist set of coincidences and events which are as good as Tom Sharpe’s. However, McDonald has been able to find his own writing voice and a very funny one it is… Overall, the book is a splendid read and the best scatological narrative that I read in a while…”

Jessica has a lot of praise too, but was deeply affected by the mistreatment of animals within the book, which we do believe is part of the author’s intent (it aint just funny, folks, it also has powerful things to say!). Jessica writes:
“In McDonald’s London, none of the people have any real sense of who they are or what their place in the company (and the world, since the company is their world) really is. All of them have inflated egos and low self-esteem, trying to prove to everyone else—but mostly to themselves—that they have some sort of worth, which is always being undermined; a cruel, vicious circle, yet they all keep going round and round it voluntarily, apparently blind to its existence. People are driven to move for the sake of movement; forward movement at all costs, never taking a moment for reflection or introspection. They don’t work for the love of their work, they work as a means to an end, like a horse chasing a carrot. Everyone wanting to ‘make it’ (whatever ‘it’ may be) and never taking any real joy from the lives they’re living, always looking and reaching forward for more, better, newer, trendier. In this sense, McDonald has created a wonderful treatise on progress as opposed to conscious living…”

As ever, our sincere thanks go to both these reviewers for their thoughts. Please visit their websites and check out what they say about other books and movies too.


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