Unpleasant Tales… don’t taste alone.

Posted: September 25, 2011 by douglasthompson in Reviews

Brendan Connell’s Unpleasant Tales has received another rave review… this one from Melissa Voelker, over at HorrorNews.net, who seems to have been licking the pages… naughty, naughty, Melissa!

“…I have heard many novels described as “great examples of prose” before, but this is truly one of only a few modern books I would easily give such a title to. One of the only ones that a word such as “prose,” with its implications of poetic achievement in non-poetry writing, would really seem to fit. The descriptions here, the choices of words that flow across the page, are so lush and deep and lovely (even when describing the most horrible of things) that it was as if I could see them painted on canvas across my mind’s eye. They were real, they were surrounding me, I could smell them and touch them and taste them on my tongue (and considering some of the subject matter I would have probably preferred that my senses were left well enough alone thank you very much). And all of these beautiful, brilliant descriptions and lush paragraphs were used to flesh out the weirdest things I have ever read…”

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