Eibonvale Press at FantasyCon – Discount Books, Signatures and Shenanigans!

Posted: September 27, 2011 by eibonvale in News

As some of you no doubt already know, Eibonvale press will be at FantasyCon 2011 in a bit under a week’s time.  With only days to go, the excitement (and nerves) are mounting.  The major launch event has already been publicised – Nina Allan’s The Silver Wind, David Rix’s Feather and Jet McDonald’s Automatic Safe Dog – but we are very excited over this one and only too happy to mention it again, just to make sure.  There will also be a reading by Terry Grimwood from the excellent disaster/war novel Bloody War, which should not be missed.

Eibonvale in the Dealer Room – Just!

This year, we shall be sharing dealer space with Tartarus Press, making an interesting and, in my opinion, rather effective and contrasting blend of books – the lavishly colourful Eibonvale titles alongside their exquisite characteristic paper dustjackets.  The only thing that bothers me about this is that if I am sitting there surrounded by Tartarus titles for most of the convention, how will I ever be able to resist buying them all?

Niiiiice Discounts on all Titles for F-Con

We shall be offering substantial discounts on all titles sold at the con this time – up to about 25% off the full price or so.

Signatures Signatures Signatures

In addition, many of the books will be signed and, if the authors are attending the convention, you may be able to get them inscribed as well.  Eibonvale titles are not often signed so this is a rare chance to grab copies.   As well as signed books by Nina Allan, Allen Ashley, Terry Grimwood, Jet McDonald, David Rix and Douglas Thompson, we also have a few signed bookplates left for Brendan Connell’s Unpleasant Tales – a rare chance to grab this guy’s signature on UT in the UK!  I’d have to count it up to be sure, but Unpleasant Tales is probably the title with the most rave reviews so far – so don’t miss this chance (and other commercial blather like that – gawd I am still not used to playing salesman).

Anyway – in the hopes of a successful and reasonably chaos-free Con for everyone – we extend our best regards and hope to see you there!!

  1. […] For anyone who is going to be at the British Fantasy Convention, Eibonvale will have a few signed bookplate copies of Unpleasant Tales, as well as nice discounts on all their titles. They are also launching a number of new book. Click here for info. […]

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