Spotlight on Eibonvale Press

Posted: December 11, 2011 by douglasthompson in Reviews

Ros Jackson over at the Warpcore SF website has run a spotlight on Eibonvale Press, reviewing the tone, style and character of the press as a whole. It’s famously difficult to see oneself as others see us, so we’re grateful for Ros’s perspective which points out that while we might not be selling (or making) millions, Eibonvale is a good source for fresh and original writing for those of you who have grown tired of the tired old mainstream and genre publishers pumping formula froth down your gullets. Ros writes:

“One good way to get an overview of the press is to read Blind Swimmer. This is a showcase anthology featuring all of the writers they have published since its origins around the winter of 2005 up until 2010. Three defining features emerge: the stories are frequently highbrow, weird, and occasionally intensely violent. Sometimes they’re all three at once.

When it comes to making readers think, it’s hard to pick out any single book from their catalogue that illustrates this better than the others, because none of Eibonvale’s authors are writing to a formula. Breaking the rules of what a story should be seems to be the rule. So in Feather David Rix plays with the idea of looking for meanings in stories, whilst in The Silver Wind Nina Allen keeps changing the details of her story until the five linked short stories she presents become much more than the sum of their parts. And then there’s Sylvow, Douglas Thompson’s ambiguous tale of environmental rebellion and relationship breakdown. This is writing that doesn’t shy away from being challenging and different, and the authors aren’t talking down to their readers.”

Do please check out the rest of the Warpcore SF article for a good independent perspective on Eibonvale Press.

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