David Rix’s Feather

Posted: April 14, 2012 by douglasthompson in Uncategorized

David Rix’s story collection “Feather” has received an enthusiastic review from Stewart Horn over at the British Fantasy Society website.
Stewart writes:

“…The stories vary widely in subject matter and mood, some gothic, others more dreamlike. However, they share several recurring themes – Rix is preoccupied with the nature of creative art, especially music, the meaning and nature of what we create and whether it’s alive, and what responsibility we have for it. And the sea features strongly again and again. Most of his characters lack control over their lives, and Feather herself drifts like flotsam, washing up in each tale and playing her part until the sea reclaims her.

This book is complex, multi-layered and thought-provoking, with some beautiful and evocative language. He has sacrificed some clarity and coherence, but this is a unique reading experience. Highly recommended.”

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