First review of Where Are We Going?

Posted: April 14, 2012 by douglasthompson in Uncategorized

Sami Airola has posted a review of Eibonvale’s new anthology “Where Are We Going” over at his Rising Shadow website. Sami writes:

“These intelligent stories will easily capture the heart and mind of an intelligent reader…

…The happenings take place in different locations from tunnels and islands to urban streets and unknown lands. For example, Dead Countries is a story about an uknown country called Quassia, Our Island is a postapocalyptical story, The Way the World Works shows the reader what happens at the bottom of the Pacific and Entanglement is a story about a man whose body is on Earth, but his mind is elsewhere…

…The editor mentions in the introduction that themed anthologies play “an increasingly important role in preserving, continuing and extending the function of the short story as an essential part of our literary culture”. I agree with him, because themed anthologies can be used to publish new and exciting stories, which would probably otherwise never be published…

…I can recommend Where Are We Going? to readers who are interested in a bit different kind of speculative fiction. This anthology can also be recommended to readers who want to read intelligent and thought-provoking stories. Some of the stories are emotionally compelling stories and they will definitely appeal to readers who enjoy reading literary prose.

Where Are We Going? is without a doubt one of the best anthologies of 2012. There should be more anthologies like this, because it’s a pleasure to read intelligent and beautifully written speculative fiction, which gives readers a chance to think about different kind of things.

Highly recommended!”

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