Nina Allan’s Silver Wind

Posted: April 14, 2012 by douglasthompson in Uncategorized

Over at the prestigious “SF Site” Nina Allan’s Silver Wind has been named as No.7 in the Editor’s top ten best books of 2011:

It’s up there with the likes of China Mieville, Christopher Priest and Charles Stross. Here is the plot summary the site carries:

“Five interconnected tales are drawn together here to create an overarching story. It is, however, a somewhat complicated story as it is based in several parallel realities. Martin Newland is a rather bland estate agent who is fascinated by timepieces. In each of the five stories, a timepiece is key. In the title story, and the key to the overall work, Newland discovers the inventor of the Silver Wind, which has the function of “stabilizing” reality — and allowing him to slip from one timestream to another. Martin makes use of this device to escape the dystopian Britain he has been inhabiting into a more palatable parallel world. Short-listed for the BSFA Awards. “

Meanwhile the title story of the book has come joint-first in the Interzone Magazine’s reader’s poll for 2011, sharing the top spot with Suzanne Palmer’s story ‘The Ceiling is Sky’.

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