Second review of Where Are We Going?

Posted: April 30, 2012 by douglasthompson in Uncategorized

Ros Jackson has given a splended 4-out-of-5 review to the Eibonvale anthology “Where Are We Going?” over at her Warpcore SF website.

Please do follow the link to check out Ros’s insightful comments in full, but here is an extract:

Where are we going? It’s a question all science fiction asks in one way or another, but with a couple of notable exceptions this anthology of odd journeys doesn’t take us to the far reaches of outer space or the distant future. Rather it’s about finding the unexplored and the eerie right here on Earth, often in places we thought we knew.

…As far as this anthology is concerned, where we’re going is all over the place. There are stories about hungry islands, aliens, the supernatural, and even the odd zombie, and the action is set all around the world in imaginary pasts or futures. It’s not unified by one mood. Ralph Robert Moore’s post-apocalyptic Our Island is quite sad, whilst Terry Grimwood’s Journey To The Engine Of The Earth is overwhelmingly strange. Douglas Thompson’s Entanglement is highbrow and puzzling, in contrast with the light tone of Xana-La or Ian Shoebridge’s A Guide To Surviving Malabar. In short this is a bit of a miscellany, where the only thing guaranteed is that the destination will be new territory for all but the most jaded of readers.”


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