Third review of Where Are We Going…

Posted: June 17, 2012 by douglasthompson in Uncategorized

Charles Packer over at the Sci Fi Online website has given Eibonvale Press’s anthology “Where Are We Going?” a truly epic 10-out-of-10 rating and a glowing review. It’s particularly gratifying how Charles applauds the trans-genre approach of the book, something dear to Eibonvale and the editor Allen Ashley’s heart. We suspect that the man (and woman) in the street feel much the same, with only marketeers trying to shout them down otherwise. Charles writes:
“…all human life can be found within these pages…
The book covers many genres, sometimes within the same story. A Faraway City by Joel Lane tells the unsettling story of a woman who can experience, in her dreams, the real experiences of abused women. The Way the World Works by Ian Sales, appear to be a claustrophobic journey to the depths of the ocean only to turn into a journey to cosmic understanding. A Guide to Surviving Malabar by Ian Shoebridge tell the tale of a man who goes on holiday to an Island which appears not only to be alive but also appears to want to attack and kill the inhabitants. A horrific idea, but our protagonist discovers that in a world of conveniences, that sometimes the greatest challenge also gives you the greatest feeling of being alive.
In total, there are seventeen tales here for your delectation. Again, another delightful reading experience which challenges and entertains in equal amounts.”

  1. Another excellent review. Nice 1!

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