Two new reviews of A Glimpse Of The Numinous

Posted: June 23, 2012 by douglasthompson in Uncategorized

We have excellent reviews just in of Jeff Gardiner’s debut short story collection “A Glimpse Of The Numinous”, firstly at Bookgeeks, where Stephen Joyce writes:

“Jeff Gardiner’s debut collection of short stories provides us with glimpses of a world that is mysterious, fearful and fascinating. The characters in his stories cry out for the numinous, which brings both damnation and salvation in equal measure…
…Overall, the collection is stylish and enjoyable. Gardiner has a diverse range and one never knows what the next story will bring. They are, by turn, uplifting, humorous, horrifying, and at their best really do offer a glimpse of the numinous.”

Then Charles Packer over at The Sci Fi Online website writes:

“It is always a delight to receive a book of short stories which is not constrained by either expectation or genre, but is written purely for the joy of producing good writing…
…Unconstrained by the restrictions of genre, Gardiner gives full rein to his imagination, producing stories which range from modern horror to lyrical vignettes of beauty…
…Like all reviews we get down to the, which ones did I like? The answer would have to be pretty much all of them, but not always for the same reasons…
…Gull Power is a quirky tale about a man and his gull, proving that Gardiner can handle humour just as well as the more serious aspects of literary forensic introspection. Bred in the Bone was my personal highlight, having missed the story when it was first published. Without ruining the reading experience, it takes you on a journey where the author deftly sets up your expectations only to slowly turn them completely around. It is almost perfect in its construction.
So, another great collection which will take you to some of the stranger shores of human experience.”

As ever at Eibonvale we extend our gratitude to these reviewers for taking the time to offer their in depth analyses, and encourage readers to check out their comments in full at the respective websites.


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