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London Railway Architecture

Posted: July 22, 2012 by Eibonvale in Rustblind and Silverbright

I just wanted to share a few more from my collection of photographs from London’s railways.  More of the material that inspired me to attempt the Rustblind and Silverbright book.  For me the most exciting thing about trains is nothing to do with collecting locomotive numbers, drooling over steam engines or having fun with the minutiae of rolling stock details – it is the extraordinary worlds that the railways can create and take you through.  For me, it is closer to urban exploration than trainspotting!

Railways can be such strange functional urban spaces!

The hidden arteries of the city.

Heavy technology and massively complicated – yet so mundane!

In London at least, many eras of construction ethos end up piled on top of each other – ancient and modern – driven together by the utilitarian and the necessary.

They invade the city like roots through concrete, pushing through, over and under whatever may be in the way.

And the cities always seem to resent them – trying their best to crowd them and squeeze them out of the way.

A natural result of the organic growth of the city and the powerful, inflexible nature of the rails themselves. Big trains and big cities are in a state of perpetual conflict.

Railways are something that slips through the cracks – ugly environments of the industrial wasteland or the tatty arse ends of buildings. They are a place that is strangely alien to us, no matter how mundane city train travel may be.

Functionality, mundanity, necessity – the alien, the inhuman, the secret . . . a hidden energy of the city environment.

All photographs by David Rix