Two late reviews arriving at platform 2…

Posted: September 21, 2012 by douglasthompson in Uncategorized

Phew! An excuse to interrupt David before he puts up any more train photos! Yes folks, we received word this week of two somewhat late but extremely welcome reviews of two of last year’s books: David Rix’s ‘Feather’ and Jet McDonald’s ‘Automatic Safe Dog’. Adam Groves of The Fright Site has expressed great enthusiasm for some of our previous titles and it seems that these two latest have fully lived up to his expectations of unexpectedness (if you know what I mean). Of ‘Feather’, Adam writes:

“FEATHER is a true oddity that exists somewhere in the arena of J.G. Ballard and Ian Sinclair, yet will never be mistaken for anything other than itself. I should add that the amazing wraparound cover art, created by the book’s author David Rix, deserves some kind of award for evocative book design. Depicting a woman’s face half buried in sand, said cover art perfectly captures the air of wistful surrealism that pervades the text…
…What exactly are we to make of this bizarre text? A fictional commentary on the nature of artistic inspiration, perhaps? A surreal autobiography? Avant-garde science fiction? None of the above? Whatever FEATHER may be, it’s as wonderfully strange and evocative as nearly anything I’ve read, and one of the standout publications of 2011.”

Of Jet McDonald’s ‘Automatic Safe Dog’, Adam writes:

“In the category of surreal satire this crazed fantasy is a standout… Jet McDonald’s satire is quite pertinent in its exploration of corporate psychopathology, artistic pretension and the power of love. Furthermore, McDonald’s deranged imagination is a wonder to behold, always topping itself in madcap invention.

Things grow quite dark in the book’s latter pages. Here Telby, having been (voluntarily) bitten by a rabid dog, embarks on a rabies induced fighting and f**king spree throughout the city. Following this he gets one of his testicles surgically removed (as a show of enforced loyalty to the corporation) and replaced with that of a dog. Then there are the violent animal liberationists who come to have an increasing presence on the narrative, and the horrific fate of Ibore, who’s transformed into a “kind-of-woman” complete with a disembodied vagina.

Obviously this isn’t your grandmother’s corporate satire. The novel will surely upset just as many readers as it enchants, yet in today’s economy-devouring corporate culture I believe Jet McDonald’s raunchy, surreal and altogether outrageous brand of absurdity is exactly what we need.”

Thank you Adam, good to know that Eibonvale books are working their magic over the pond in America long after they’ve shuffled out of port here.

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