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5 Days Left

Posted: December 27, 2012 by Eibonvale in For Writers, Rustblind and Silverbright

Just 5 days now before Rustblind and Silverbright closes for submissions (unless an extension is needed, in which case talk to me) – *excitement is mounting*!! This is going to be a spectacular book, going by the stories received so far, and choosing between them all is going to be a real challenge.

Let’s see if we can reach 100 subs for this wild railway anthology!  We’re not far off . . .

Keep em coming in these last few days!

I have already received a couple of requests from writers for a time extension to finish off stories for the Rustblind and Silverbright anthology.   So I want to make it clear publicly that I am quite happy to grant an extension, up to a fortnight or so, for any writers out there who are worrying about time and want a little longer to finish off a story.  I would ask you to get in touch and let me know about it before the official deadline though, just so I know what I am dealing with and what to expect.

So for any late arrivals at the station . . . sorry, really should stop these daft train announcement parodies!  But seriously, no panics!  This is Eibonvale and you know by now how little I like to stand on formality.


Well – it’s just a fortnight to go until the gates close on the Rustblind and Silverbright anthology.  December 31st is the day I will blow my whistle on this one, the central locking will engage, the engines will drone into sleek electric life, and this book will start out on its strange journey . . .

Or to put it another way, the submission period will come to an end!

It has been a long sub period I know – ever since June wasn’t it?  But it’s part of the Eibonvale way to take things slowly, to make sure things have time to build and mature.  Personally, I have been having great fun, both reading the stories you have sent and also allowing my own train-love to kick into a higher gear for a while.  After all – I now have an excuse.  It is ‘literary research’!  And I doubt I would ever have managed quite so much railway photography and research if it wasn’t for this book.  And talking of reading, I think I have been pretty lucky with submissions so far.  Maybe it is because I set a closely defined theme but so far nearly all of them have been at least good stories and nicely focussed on the subject.  That makes choosing all the more challenging, but I aim to read through the final submissions and finally make up my mind in the first weeks of 2013.


But now, with just a fortnight to go until departure time, there is time for just one last reminder.  This is a last call for train-related stories.  Not for anoraks and trainspotters, but for anyone with an awareness of the place trains play in the human psyche.  This great archetype of journeying and coming together – of the fundamental human need to explore and move.  Of what has to be the noblest yet most down to earth form of travel we have invented yet.  So, any eccentric and unusual, ludicrous and experimental, tormented or demented train-related stories of horror, sf, bizarro, slipstream . . . send em over to Eibonvale Press! It’s already shaping into a cracking book but there’s always room for more . . .