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Well – here’s the first glimpse of An Emporium of Automata by D P Watt. These will also be shipping soon to everyone who got a pre-order placed. There are still a few copies available of this title that will be specially ‘lettered’ and personalised by the author.  When the pre-order period closes in a few days, these will no longer be available so don’t delay!  🙂

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DSCN5984 - Loch Morar cropped


The dust has barely settled from the fun and games of Rustblind and Silverbright (final contents list coming soon!) and here I am issuing a new call for works for a new anthology!  This one will be edited by Chris Kelso and Hal Duncan and it focusses squarely on celebrating those beautiful and wild words of the Scottish language.  The words of the editors can put it much better than I can though:

“Glaikit, mockit, droukit, drouthy, couthy, scunner, thrawn – the Scots language is rich with words too gallus not to glory in, dialect terms that deserve better than to be boxed away as precious oddities. For us, those words aren’t quaint parochialisms of a past preserved in amber; they’re wild wee beauties, straight razors slashing keen to the quick of meaning. We want stories that wield them as weapons for today, for tomorrow. We want you to pick up one of these words and flick it open to gleam in the light of the 21st century. Play with it, work with it, give us a story that riffs on it with relish – the sound, the sense. Run wild with it, ye ramstouger rannigants, and send us the result.”

Click here to download the full guidelines in RTF or PDF format.


Just got home from a short break to find the proof copy of Rhys Hughes’ Tallest Stories waiting for me – arrived this morning. I have to say, it looks good. I am really pleased with it so far. Sometimes, the real article seems SLIGHTLY less good than the computer screen. In this case, it might even be better! I will have a proper browse through it tonight, then the book will be ready to go. I’ll be in touch with everyone about their orders for the lettered Edition promotion in a day or so.

And don’t forget, you can pre-order (well – ‘order’ now I suppose.  I’ll change the wording on the site soon.) the book through the Eibonvale Website.

Rhys Hughes’ Tallest Stories is now at the printers! People who missed the special promotion can now order normal unsigned copies of the book through the Eibonvale website

And don’t forget, there are still a handful of An Emporium of Automata available specially personalised by the author.  Click here to order.

Right – I am going to pass out now . . .


Well – how about that!  I am not used to such wild goings on here at Eibonvale.  But our Special promotional pre-orders of Rhys Hughes’ Tallest Stories have now totally sold out in just one day and I have withdrawn the order buttons.  The book will become available in its usual unsigned form soon.

However, there are still a few copies of D P Watt’s stunning collection An Emporium of Automata available.  A marvellous book originally published by Ex Occidente and out of print. The same deal applies here.  You can pick up a lettered copy specially personalised by the author with a nice laid in bookplate, and you can also combine it with other Eibonvale Titles for a special price.  Click here to place your order!


After a very crowded hour or so, there are just 6 copies left of our special personalised ‘lettered’ edition of Tallest Stories with extra free gifts!  Looks like we might have a total sell-out of this promotion.

If it comes to that, Z is a pretty coveted letter as well, with a nice bundle of goodies accompanying it!


It’s 6 o clock – that means that as this blog post is published, I will be opening the ordering page for the very special promotional pre-orders for Rhys Hughes’s Tallest Stories and D P Watts An Emporium of Automata.

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Just to recap, the first 26 copies of each title will be specially lettered and personalised.  In addition, Rhys Hughes has provided some amazing material to give away, so each copy of Tallest Stories will also come with a bundle of original hand-written manuscripts and/or drawings by the author in his uniquely strange, quirky style. There’s also a few rare chapbooks thrown in for good measure. The biggest prize is letter A, which will come with a complete notebook filled with Rhys’s jottings and stories.  That is 26 handwritten stories, including a few not yet published anywhere at all.

Tallest Stories Promotions

These books will be available on a first come first served basis and as soon as the 26 copies are shifted, I will be reverting the ordering to the usual unsigned copies.  So don’t delay.  And if you move really fast, you might be in with a chance to bag the coveted ‘A’ copy!



good luck with it!



They are not completely finalised, but given the current excitement about both books and the rather spectacular promotion that will be launching on the 5th, I decided to push on and share the covers of our next two books.  These books will be coming out pretty much together in late January / early February.


Full info about the promotion has now been launched on the Eibonvale Press Website – including an ordering page, though this is not yet functional.  It will come alive at 18:00 hours on the 5th January, but for the moment you can have a look round and see what will be available – and be ready to move fast if you are at all interested in the wonderful extras Rhys Hughes has put together.  Click here to read all about it:


DSCN9687 copysm
Somewhere amid the chaos of getting ready for Tallest Stories, the submissions period for Rustblind and Silverbright came to an end.  I am delighted to report that we clipped the hundred submissions mark for this book of slipstream and experimental railway stories. More importantly, it has generated an absolutely fantastic and diverse pile of fiction to sort through – I couldn’t really have asked for anything better. Putting this book together is going to be a sheer joy – and I promise you I have some interesting plans for this one.  Should be quite an unusual volume.

Tallest Stories Promotions

The first 26 copies of Rhys Hughes’ Tallest Stories will be ‘lettered’, signed and personalised by Rhys Hughes himself and they will each come with a very special extra, a bundle of original hand-written manuscripts and/or drawings by the author in his uniquely strange, quirky style. There’s also a few rare chapbooks thrown in for good measure. The biggest prize is letter A, which will come with a complete notebook filled with Rhys’s jottings and stories.  That is 26 handwritten stories, including a few not yet published anywhere at all.  

Tallest Stories Promotions

Prices for the lettered copies will be the same as a standard hardcover.  In addition, I plan to put together a couple of discount bundles where you can get certain other books at a special cheap price if bought alongside Tallest Stories.  The Smell of Telescopes, our other title by Rhys Hughes, will be the main one – with some 40% off the list price.  I will also offer a bundle with our other forthcoming title, An Emporium of Automata by D P Watt, which is also illustrated and in terms of design, forms a kind of pair with Tallest Stories.  You will have to wait until you see the ordering page for full details of all these offers though.

In order to take advantage of all these offers, a short pre-order period will open on Saturday the 5th January at 6 o clock PM GMT (London) time, and it will be first come first served, with the letters being allocated in the order the orders are received.  So the first person of all to place an order will be the lucky winner of the coveted ‘A’ copy.

Needless to say, this special promotion will only be available through the Eibonvale website and it will last for as long as there are lettered copies available, whereupon ordering will revert to the standard system. So – if you have any interest at all in getting the coveted A copy, I strongly advise you to be ready!  I know there are already people hanging on ready to jump on these since there have been rumours and mentions flitting around facebook.  At six o clock, I will be publishing an order page for the book and an announcement here on the Eibonvale Blog – so be ready to move quickly!

Sorry – but there is no chance of reserving a specific letter.  And no orders will be taken by email before the official opening on the Eibonvale website.

And finally, need I remind you that even aside from these promotions, this is a very special book.  18 years in the making, over a year in the design phase alone and with 60 stories accompanied by 60 illustrations. Regarded by Rhys Hughes as possibly his most important book to date, and regarded by me (who slogged through those 60 illustrations) in a similar way, this is without doubt the most important book Eibonvale has released to date and one you really don’t want to miss.