First look at the Covers of Tallest Stories and An Emporium of Automata – And the Pre-Order Promotion Info is Now Online

Posted: January 3, 2013 by Eibonvale in An Emporium of Automata, New Titles, Tallest Stories


They are not completely finalised, but given the current excitement about both books and the rather spectacular promotion that will be launching on the 5th, I decided to push on and share the covers of our next two books.  These books will be coming out pretty much together in late January / early February.


Full info about the promotion has now been launched on the Eibonvale Press Website – including an ordering page, though this is not yet functional.  It will come alive at 18:00 hours on the 5th January, but for the moment you can have a look round and see what will be available – and be ready to move fast if you are at all interested in the wonderful extras Rhys Hughes has put together.  Click here to read all about it:


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