Tallest Stories ‘Lettered’ Promotion Sold Out. A Few Copies of Emporium of Automata Still Available!

Posted: January 6, 2013 by Eibonvale in An Emporium of Automata, New Titles, Special Offers, Tallest Stories


Well – how about that!  I am not used to such wild goings on here at Eibonvale.  But our Special promotional pre-orders of Rhys Hughes’ Tallest Stories have now totally sold out in just one day and I have withdrawn the order buttons.  The book will become available in its usual unsigned form soon.

However, there are still a few copies of D P Watt’s stunning collection An Emporium of Automata available.  A marvellous book originally published by Ex Occidente and out of print. The same deal applies here.  You can pick up a lettered copy specially personalised by the author with a nice laid in bookplate, and you can also combine it with other Eibonvale Titles for a special price.  Click here to place your order!


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