Call for Works for a New Anthology of Strange Fiction – Caledonia Dreamin’

Posted: January 24, 2013 by Eibonvale in Caledonia Dreamin', For Writers, New Titles

DSCN5984 - Loch Morar cropped


The dust has barely settled from the fun and games of Rustblind and Silverbright (final contents list coming soon!) and here I am issuing a new call for works for a new anthology!  This one will be edited by Chris Kelso and Hal Duncan and it focusses squarely on celebrating those beautiful and wild words of the Scottish language.  The words of the editors can put it much better than I can though:

“Glaikit, mockit, droukit, drouthy, couthy, scunner, thrawn – the Scots language is rich with words too gallus not to glory in, dialect terms that deserve better than to be boxed away as precious oddities. For us, those words aren’t quaint parochialisms of a past preserved in amber; they’re wild wee beauties, straight razors slashing keen to the quick of meaning. We want stories that wield them as weapons for today, for tomorrow. We want you to pick up one of these words and flick it open to gleam in the light of the 21st century. Play with it, work with it, give us a story that riffs on it with relish – the sound, the sense. Run wild with it, ye ramstouger rannigants, and send us the result.”

Click here to download the full guidelines in RTF or PDF format.

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