Rustblind and Silverbright Contents List

Posted: March 9, 2013 by Eibonvale in News, Rustblind and Silverbright

liverpool night

Well – things have been a little delayed while I brushed up a few last details with a few authors, but I am now in a position to release the full contents list (minus any accompanying material) of our anthology of slipstream, horror and other fantastical fiction connected to the railways.  Congrats to everyone who made it in – and to those that didn’t as well of course.  With over 100 submissions, making a final selection wasn’t easy.  It’s a big book, but I still had to be rather brutal and a good many stories I really liked ended up squeezed out.

Act 1

Tetsudo Fan – Andrew Hook
On The Level – Allen Ashley
The Wandering Scent – Aliya Whiteley
To the Anhalt Station – John Howard
Death Trains Of Durdensk – Daniella Geary
Vivian Guppy and the Brighton Belle – Nina Allan
The Last Train – Joel Lane
Writer’s Block – Stephen Fowler (prose poem)

Act 2

Northern Line Tube Announcement – Anon (Flash Fiction)
The Path of Garden Forks – Rhys Hughes
District to Upminster – Marion Pitman
Wi-Fi Enabled Bakerloo Sunset – RD Hodkinson
Stratford International – D McGroarty
The Cuts – Danny Rhodes
Sleepers – Christopher Harman

Act 3

Embankmen – Gavin Salisbury (Poem)
Sunday Relatives – Douglas Thompson
The Engineered Soul – Jet McDonald
The keeper – Andy Coulthard
Escape on a Train – Steve Rasnic Tem
Choice – Charles Wilkinson
Not All Trains Crash – Steven Pirie
The Turning Track – Mat Joiner and Rosanne Rabinowitz


The book will now enter the design process and I hope it will be available to order in a few months.  Watch this space or my facebook page for the latest info.

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