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Just Steel has reviewed D.P Watt’s An Emporium of Automata at The Arkham Digest website. Justin writes:

“When I reviewed Shadows Edge, I noted how much I enjoyed D.P. Watt’s story, and said that I wanted to read more of his work. As luck would have it, Eibonvale Press recently printed an expanded reprint of his hard to find first collection, An Emporium of Automata. Watt’s background in theater is apparent in his stories, and his unique, eloquent voice lends an ethereal beauty to his fiction…

…Mr. Watt’s fiction puts one in mind of decaying Europe cities. Bizarre, archaic secrets hide behind the facade of fringe theater, puppetry, and mechanical toys. The language is reminiscent of older theater, poetic, and at times using words that have an eccentric, archaic feel to them. This itself is present in the titles of the stories (which are wonderful): Erbach’s Emporium of Automata, Dr. Dapertutto’s Saturnalia, Of Those Who Follow Emile Bilonche, Archaic Artificial Suns, and Pulvaris Lunaris or The Coagulation of Wood just to name a few. Almost every single story in this book is deep enough for the reader to benefit from re-reads…

…The first section, Phantasmagorical Instruments, features eight weird tales, each one a pleasure to read. Although it’s hard to choose favorites from this section, as all eight stories are great, there are some I enjoyed even more than others. In Erbach’s Emporium of Automata a man recounts his childhood memories of a mysterious arcade of mechanical toys that opened in his seaside town. Of Those Who Follow Emile Bilonche features a crazed narrator obsessed with the works of Emile Bilonche. They Dwell in Ystumtuen looks at a small excerpt from a history book about a woman’s hanging, and then takes readers to see the history behind it which involves fairies and sacrifice. It’s a sad, beautiful story. The Butcher’s Daughter features a couple who moves into the house of a recently deceased 110 year old woman. After a startling discovery in the woodshed, the couple starts to uncover the woman’s disturbing secrets. Room 89 follows a grumpy, misanthropic man on holiday in a mysterious hotel. The story blends humor and scares for a particularly effective weird tale. Dr. Dapertutto’s Saturnalia sees an inspector (in Russia or some Eastern European country) drawn into investigating a film reel sent to him by a mysterious “entertainer”, and makes for one of the best stories in the book…

…This collection offers much to weird fiction connoisseurs, and up until now was only available as an expensive, hard to find hardcover. Watt’s collection appeals to the curious child in all of us; the macabre mysteries within shot through with a melancholy, captivating beauty.”

Our hearty thanks to Justin for this very in-depth review, and please do check it out in full at the Arkham website.

First review of Tallest Stories

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Always first off the mark, from his sylvan hideaway in Southern Finland, Sami Airola of the Rising Shadow website has been suitably blown away by Rhys Hughes’ remarkable collection of (no less than!) 60 very short stories all based around one mythical pub near the Cardiff waterfront. Sami writes:

“Tallest Stories turned out to be a splendid and well written short story collection about a bit different kind of a pub and its visitors…

…I think it’s interesting that Rhys Hughes has decided to write this kind of a collection, because it works brilliantly from start to finish. He has created a well written and fascinating story cycle in which all the stories are connected to each other in small, but significant ways. I have to admit that it’s amazing how well the author manages to bring all the elements together in an entertaining way.

Rhys Hughes’ story cycle is both loose and tight, and the author never lets the reader loose interest in the stories. The stories in this collection are short, but they’re intriguing stories in which almost anything can – and will – happen…

The author has created a nice atmosphere in this book…

… The author has infused the stories with absurdism and clever humour, but he’s also able to write a bit darker humour. What makes his humour interesting is that he explores philosophical things with it in a surprisingly fluent way (Rhys Hughes is one of the few authors who can write comical phisosophical stories, which can almost be called fables).

…I sincerely hope that Rhys Hughes keeps on writing more stories in a similar fashion, because these stories are wonderful entertainment. I intend to read more stories from this author in the near future, because I enjoyed these stories.”

Our heartfelt thanks as ever to Sami. Do read his review in full and patronise his web-establishment at

40% Off Clearance Sale at Eibonvale Press

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Announcing the grand Eibonvale Press Spring Sale – a whopping 40% off most of our older titles!!!

Yeah – I never was much good at hype was I, but I need to clear some shelf space so I have made a special page on the Eibonvale website where you can buy most of our earlier titles at a very nice bargain. I want these books out of here so make the most of it! In some cases though there aren’t many of these titles available in this offer – in some cases only ONE copy. This offer will last until 18th May or until titles run out.

Some of you have been going potty lately about Tallest Stories, Defeated Dogs etc – here’s a chance to try out some more Eibonvale material, even some from way back at the dawn of time when some strange guy (me) first sat down and thought “hey, maybe it would be nice to make a book!”  BOY does that feel a long time ago now . . .

Remember these order buttons are for UK customers only. Anyone anywhere else talk to me and I will work out a good deal for you.



The initial copy of Defeated Dogs by Quentin S Crisp is here and looking good, which means the book is now officially available. All pre-orders and specials will be processed soon – and of course you can order copies through the Eibonvale website as usual.  Paperback copies will be along as soon as I can sort them as well!

Defeated Dogs 2


Defeated Dogs is at the Printers

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Defeated Dogs by Quentin S Crisp has now been sent to the printers!  The book is currently available for preorder through the Eibonvale Website and hopefully the preorders (including the specials) will start being sent out in a couple of weeks.