40% Off Clearance Sale at Eibonvale Press

Posted: April 28, 2013 by Eibonvale in Special Offers


Announcing the grand Eibonvale Press Spring Sale – a whopping 40% off most of our older titles!!!

Yeah – I never was much good at hype was I, but I need to clear some shelf space so I have made a special page on the Eibonvale website where you can buy most of our earlier titles at a very nice bargain. I want these books out of here so make the most of it! In some cases though there aren’t many of these titles available in this offer – in some cases only ONE copy. This offer will last until 18th May or until titles run out.

Some of you have been going potty lately about Tallest Stories, Defeated Dogs etc – here’s a chance to try out some more Eibonvale material, even some from way back at the dawn of time when some strange guy (me) first sat down and thought “hey, maybe it would be nice to make a book!”  BOY does that feel a long time ago now . . .

Remember these order buttons are for UK customers only. Anyone anywhere else talk to me and I will work out a good deal for you.



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