First review of Tallest Stories

Posted: April 29, 2013 by douglasthompson in News, Reviews, Tallest Stories
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Always first off the mark, from his sylvan hideaway in Southern Finland, Sami Airola of the Rising Shadow website has been suitably blown away by Rhys Hughes’ remarkable collection of (no less than!) 60 very short stories all based around one mythical pub near the Cardiff waterfront. Sami writes:

“Tallest Stories turned out to be a splendid and well written short story collection about a bit different kind of a pub and its visitors…

…I think it’s interesting that Rhys Hughes has decided to write this kind of a collection, because it works brilliantly from start to finish. He has created a well written and fascinating story cycle in which all the stories are connected to each other in small, but significant ways. I have to admit that it’s amazing how well the author manages to bring all the elements together in an entertaining way.

Rhys Hughes’ story cycle is both loose and tight, and the author never lets the reader loose interest in the stories. The stories in this collection are short, but they’re intriguing stories in which almost anything can – and will – happen…

The author has created a nice atmosphere in this book…

… The author has infused the stories with absurdism and clever humour, but he’s also able to write a bit darker humour. What makes his humour interesting is that he explores philosophical things with it in a surprisingly fluent way (Rhys Hughes is one of the few authors who can write comical phisosophical stories, which can almost be called fables).

…I sincerely hope that Rhys Hughes keeps on writing more stories in a similar fashion, because these stories are wonderful entertainment. I intend to read more stories from this author in the near future, because I enjoyed these stories.”

Our heartfelt thanks as ever to Sami. Do read his review in full and patronise his web-establishment at

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