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The book exists!

Posted: June 22, 2013 by Eibonvale in Rustblind and Silverbright


The book exists! Rustblind and Silverbright.  It could be the excitement of the moment, but I really do believe that this is one of our best titles yet – all the authors who contributed did such amazing jobs and the whole thing came together into a whole that is more than the sum of its parts – an extraordinary journey thanks to some of the best writers out there!

Rustblind 5

Ok folks, the pre-orders for Rustblind and Silverbright and Moonshine Express are now live.  This is a chance to get one of the first 25 copies, which will be hand lettered.  They will close again either when all are sold or on the 4th July when the books are launched and will become available in the usual way.

Moonshine 03

Take a look at the Italian Charm Bracelet that Poppet will be providing for the first person to order her novella Moonshine Express when the pre-orders open at 6PM tomorrow.  It features her earlier book covers and looks absolutely stunning.


In addition, I have decided that the first copy of Rustblind and Silverbright will be accompanied by a unique photo book that will not be available anywhere else containing some of the most atmospheric of the photographs that went hand in hand with the creation of the anthology.

To reiterate, be ready tomorrow at 6PM London time when I open these two titles up for preorder.  And if you are fast, you might be lucky and walk home with the above.

Rustblind 5

With our next two books well in preparation now, we are announcing a new special offer on pre-orders of both these titles. Like Tallest Stories, this will be a time-sensitive special! The first 26 copies of both books will be hand-lettered, 25 of which will be available to the public and ONLY via pre-order. In addition, Poppet will be putting together a set of special personalised sheets for inclusion with Moonshine Express, as well as a few other specials (free book and a charm bracelet) for the FIRST person to order. I am also currently planning a nice treat for the person who orders the first copy of Rustblind and Silverbright – watch the blog for details. There will also be a nice discount for customers who purchase both books together or add another Eibonvale title to the order.

Here’s how it works. I am opening the books up for ordering on Saturday the 22nd June at 6PM London time. At that moment, I will launch a link to the ordering buttons on this page (you may have to refresh your browser). Letters will be allocated in precisely the order that orders are received, so you will have to be very quick if you want to bag the coveted first copy. Even before I have publicly announced it, it is clear that there is going to be a scrum at 6pm!

Please click here for more info – and bookmark this page ready for the fight on Saturday!

Moonshine 03

Moonshine 03

Cover not final!

Making the selection of works for our anthology of railway stories Rustblind and Silverbright was a challenging process and many interesting stories fell by the wayside.  In the case of this spectacularly dark, lively and brash novella by Poppet, which was just too big for the anthology, we decided to bring it out as a separate book – Moonshine Express.  This will be available individually and alongside Rustblind and Silverbright, making a very good pairing.  This is Poppet’s first appearance in hardcover – or as she put it, “There’s so little ‘virgin’ left in my author world, and David is popping the hardcover cherry! A first! That totally rocks!”  A phrase I will just leave hanging in the air with no further comment.

Click the image to find out more.

Coincidentally, I am hoping that this book will launch a new line of Eibonvale novellas (about which more later). Look forward to pre-ordering the hardcover of BOTH titles starting from 22nd June at 6PM, including some nice special touches provided by Poppet – but I will be formally announcing that in the next post!


Attention world! The paperback version of Defeated Dogs by Quentin S Crisp has now gone to the printers and is available for order through the Eibonvale website for dispatch in a couple of weeks – later on through Amazon etc. as well. As usual, I hope you will go through the website if at all possible, that way I actually get paid a little! 🙂 And with launch events and major expeditions looming, I need it! As usual, Postage is free in the UK, USA and Australia. If you are from anywhere else, please email me. Thanks folks!

Rustblind 5Here at last is the first public look at the cover for Rustblind and Silverbright, though it has been on my facebook pages for a few days now.  The book is currently at the printers and I am awaiting the delivery of the proof copy, to tell me if everything is ok.  As you can see, this one is an even more bizarre cover than usual in terms of structure with a massive rear ‘contents map’ on the back that extends right onto the rear flap.

With the launch of this, the first true anthology I have edited, we are planning a big event in London entitled Slipstream Journeys, which will bring several new books by several specialist presses together into one evening of readings and wine.

The books involved will be:

  • Rustblind and Silverbright: Slipstream Stories of the Railway, edited by David Rix
  • Defeated Dogs, by Quentin S Crisp
  • Stardust by Nina Allan
  • Helen’s Story, by Rosanne Rabinowitz
  • Jane, by P.F. Jeffery

The event will take place at the Review Bookshop, Peckham on the 4th July at 7PM.  I hope you can make it.  There will be wine to drink and authors to meet.  Readings to listen to and books to buy!

Facebook event page:

On the Map – Danny Rhodes

Posted: June 12, 2013 by Eibonvale in Rustblind and Silverbright

In the hectic time leading up to the publication of Rustblind and Silverbright, our anthology of railway-themed slipstream and horror, I have invited short blog contributions from the authors included in that book, which I will be publishing at irregular intervals over the next month or two.  Here, Danny Rhodes gives a quick insight into how his story ‘The Cuts’ came to be. 

N.b – the illustration shows a request stop station in Norfolk.

On the Map

By Danny Rhodes


I decided pretty early on in the process that if I was going to write a story about trains it might be on the Beeching cuts. I knew if I was planning to submit the story to David, a train enthusiast (I hesitate to use ‘anorak’ as I’ve never met the bloke), it seemed to me, then I ought to try to give the story some accurate historical grounding. I spent some time flicking between various sites on Beeching and Google maps, checking out landscapes and trying to discover a suitable ‘culled’ branchline on which to set the story.

Somewhere around this time I had to take a train to Prestatyn and it was while I was on this journey that I learned there are remote, unmanned stations in Wales (and perhaps in other places) where the passengers have to make ‘request stops’ in order for the train to halt there. I’d never heard of ‘request stops’ on railways before. An idea dropped into my mind, of a man waiting at a station for a train, a man in danger, and the train not stopping, the train leaving him there to his fate.

In the end I didn’t set the story in quite so remote a location. I found the perfect line for a story though, on Anglesey, and using Google Maps I was able to follow the old train line out of Gaerwan north through the countryside, noting its flat topography, and thus arrive at Rhosgoch, a village that once had a station but no longer. If you go to Google maps you can do the same. I’m finding the ‘street level’ element of this quite a tool. Us writers can go virtually anywhere these days and write fairly accurate visual descriptions of locations we have never been to. What’s exciting about this is that we are not rooted to the popular, worn out ‘tourist trail’ settings anymore. We can wander quite freely into any corner of any place on the planet where the Google cameras have been…if we want to that is, if we don’t want to let our imaginations take over at some point, as I found I did, if we want to create our own worlds and base them in a reality of our own choosing.

The Gaerwen to Amlych line has gone now, good only for walking. There seem to be various people doing just that on Google maps. You can see them if you look hard enough, strange, two dimensional individuals with blurred faces, sometimes staring in wonder at the Google maps camera van as it moves on its merry way, mapping and capturing every inch of the world (or those places that have agreed) for reasons we have not yet begun to comprehend…