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Good news – the specials and extras from Poppet have finally arrived safe and sound, in spite of going off the radar (apparently the tracking number went dead for a while). So i will be getting all the preorders packed up and mailed out starting from Monday.

To make up for the delay for some of you, I will be popping an extra Eibonvale paperback in as many of them as i can. It will be a bit random, but i only have a certain number to hand!

Before all that though, there’s just time for a bit of book porn. One of the perks of this business is that i get to play with them en mass. Most of you you only get one copy. I get to roll in them (metaphorically – usually)! Heheh! So here they are!



Just a note for those who preordered our special copies of Rustblind and Silverbright and Moonshine Express.  The books have not been dispatched yet since i am waiting for an international delivery of the personalised material that will accompany some of them – which of course had to be prepared AFTER people had ordered the book!

I must apologise for the speed this one has been dispatched.  For some reason it never occurred to me just how much getting this stuff posted half-way round the world would slow things down!  However, it should definitely not be too long now and of course, i will announce the dispatch here on the blog when it happens.

Hang in there my friends!