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Leaves on the line…

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Rustblind 5-extractOops… looks like my brain has been so overworked and understaffed that it neglected to mention one of our recent reviews. Not to worry, I’ll make it up to you now with an endless string of apologies announced over a deafening tannoy system. The great Sami Airola of the Rising Shadow website has written glowingly of Rustblind and Silverbright, and in considerable depth, giving it 5-out-of-5 stars and describing it as one of the best anthologies of the year. Sami writes:

“…I liked all the stories in this anthology, so it’s difficult for me to choose my favourite stories, but if I had to pick a few stories, I’d probably pick these stories: Nina Allan’s Vivian Guppy and the Brighton Belle, Andrew Hook’s Tetsudo Fan, Rhys Hughes’ The Path of Garden Forks, Joel Lane’s The Last Train, Allen Ashley’s On the Level, Daniella Geary’s Death Trains of Durdensk, Jet McDonald’s The Engineered Soul, Steve Rasnic Tem’s Escape on a Train, Danny Rhodes’ The Cuts, Christopher Harman’s Sleepers, Steven Pirie’s Not All Trains Crash, Matt Joiner and Rosanne Rabinowitz’s The Turning Track, and Douglas Thompson’s Sunday Relatives. All of these stories (and also the ones that aren’t mentioned here) are worth reading and praising.

I dare say that Rustblind and Silverbright is the most versatile speculative fiction anthology of the year. Some of these stories are touching and beautiful while others are weird, shocking and disturbing, so there’s something for everybody in this anthology. This anthology will be of interest to both experienced readers and newcomers, because it contains diverse stories that have plenty of depth and atmosphere in them.

I give this unique and versatile anthology full five stars and I highly recommend it to all readers, because it contains original and fascinating speculative fiction stories about trains and railways. All the stories in Rustblind and Silverbright are fine examples of how versatile and well written speculative fiction stories can be and how much they offer to the readers in terms of depth, characterization and storytelling. If you’re thinking of reading only one anthology this year, please make sure that it is Rustblind and Silverbright, because you won’t regret reading it.”

Our thanks as ever go out to the tireless Sami Airola, Finland’s greatest export.

Arriving at Platform 3…

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Rustblind 5

Charles Packer over at the Sci Fi Online/Review Graveyard website, has reviewed our railway anthology ‘Rustblind and Silverbright’ in glowing terms, giving it a spectacular 9 out of 10.

Charles writes:

“Rustblind and Silverbright is a new collection of Slipstream stories edited by David Rix and published by that excellent purveyor of quality stories, Eibonvale Press, based around the themes of trains and their stations. If you have not read any Slipstream, it is a genre of writing which has shrugged off known genre chains, pulling influences from multiple literary influence to produce something which is both unique and deliciously unpredictable…

As you can imagine with so many writers telling tales set around a single theme, there are some similarities between some of the stories, a restriction born of only having two settings. And yet not a single author failed to turn in something worth reading…

…It’s difficult to pick a favourite amongst the collection, some are creepy, Death Trains of Durdensk is able to be touching and creepy concurrently with the idea of placing the dead on a train which just travels round the tracks, which is contrasted with outright romances or rites of passage.

The collection is strongly edited and an excellent way of discovering the authors at the cutting edge of slipstream literature.”
Our sincere thanks to Mr Packer, and do remember to read his review in full here.

Final Cover copy


There has never been an Eibonvale cover quite like this one! First look at Brendan Connell’s Miss Homicide Plays the Flute – our first ever limited edition! I am half out of my mind with excitement (and other emotions) over that. Printed by Anthony Rowe in 200 copies with coloured text on the interior of the book and this lurid cover, this will be unlike any previous Eibonvale title. It will also, of course, be signed, numbered and fingerprinted by the author.

In addition, as already stated, this book will be companioned by 26 lettered chapbooks entitled Drops of Poison – a collection of prose poems. These will be bundled with the first 26 preorders for Miss Homicide. As of writing, there are just TWO of these chapbooks left, so this is the last chance to bag a copy.

Follow this link to find out more and place an order:


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Rustblind 5
The second review of our railway anthology ‘Rustblind and Silverbright’ appeared this week over at the SF Revu website.
Seasoned short story connoisseur Mario Guslandi says of the book:

“The stories, interwoven with insightful commentaries by editor David Rix, offer a variety of atmospheres and situations, making the book a compelling and satisfying mix of reading material. Obviously, not every tale is accomplished or memorable, but some are truly excellent…”

Mario singles certain of the stories out for particular mention, but we’ll let you click on the link yourself to find out who. One of the many fascinations of anthologies (speaking from some experience here!) is the way different readers and critics will warm to certain stories that others pass by.

The pre-orders for Brendan Connell’s new novel Miss Homicide Plays the Flute are now open. This is one of the most unusual books Eibonvale has worked on, with multicoloured inks and a hugely eccentric cover (which you will have to wait a little to see i’m afraid!). Perhaps most importantly though, this is our first ever signed and numbered limited edition, printed by Anthony Rowe.

The first 26 copies to be ordered will come with a free and exclusive lettered chapbook entitled Drops of Poison.

Click the link to find out more and to place an order.

Promoted Dogs

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The first two reviews of Quentin S Crisp’s ‘Defeated Dogs’ are in…. and we couldn’t ask for better really. Critics seem to be impressed not just with Quentin’s trademark elegant prose but with a chameleon-like diversity of voices he brings to the stories in this collection:

Firstly, Sami Airola at Rising Shadow says:

“Quentin S. Crisp is an author who has an ability to transfer his readers temporarily to another world with his stories. I’ve always considered this to be a sign of an excellent author, because only the best authors are able to write this kind of stories. I think that all readers who read these stories will forget everything else for a while and will be fascinated, impressed and even shocked by what happens in them.

Certain stories in this collection contain fantastic echoes of Lord Dunsany and his lush prose. These stories also reminded a bit of the stories written by Brendan Connell, David Rix, Nina Allan and D. P. Watt. There are also echoes of other authors, but Quentin S. Crisp has a voice of his own, because he has a distinct writing style that separates him from other authors. Although his stories are complex, they’re easy to read and offer the reader a unique reading experience…

…I give this collection full five stars, because it contains hauntingly beautiful stories and excellent prose. If you like beautifully written speculative fiction and want to read good stories and wonderfully observant prose, you must read this collection, because you won’t be disappointed by it. This collection is a literary marvel and an unforgettable reading experience that should be treasured and cherished by as many readers as possible. Very highly recommended!”

Then we have Charles Packer at Sci Fi Online, who says:

“…The writing has a diaphanous dreamlike quality, blurring the lines between the real and the fantastical, the hidden inner world and an uncertain outer reality. Here you will spend your time with gay wolves and little girls who may, or may not, be able to create or destroy through the power of belief.

Often the stories play with the reader’s perceptions, place, time and people blend to create a greater whole. The first story in the book, The Fairy Killer, is a classic example of a story which has a number of meanings, a single line in the story changes the whole perspective, bringing into doubt the original straight forward explanation of the story as fantasy. The single line opens up the option for the story to actually be more macabre in nature. Crisp rarely provides answers, the interpretation for most of the stories lies with the reader.

Elegant in their construction Crisp morphs his style to suit the story, but even with these changes the stories remain entertainingly thought provoking.”

Our heartfelt thanks as ever to Sami and Charles for taking the time to read this book and kindly share their thoughts on it with the world.

Impending Homicide

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Things are rattling on well with the design for Miss Homicide Plays the Flute – the wild and astringent short novel by Brendan Connell that will be our next release. I really need to get the pre-orders open for that soon – at this rate the pre-order period will be quite short!

This will be our first ever limited edition (non-POD) book, so the excitement and tension here at Eibonvale Towers is intense.  Fittingly, it is one of the bizarrest physical the press has ever done. Even aside from the wild text, filled with the author’s trademark bitter experimental classicism and erudite placement, it should feature things like multicolour type and one of the stranger covers yet, leaning much more towards the sparse line-art that i do than the usual collages.

I’ll be keeping you informed and hopefully opening for orders soon. So be ready!