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Smells Like Sensorama Spirit

Posted: June 30, 2014 by allenashleywriter in Uncategorized

Two more acceptances to crow about, with several more to be confirmed shortly. I have taken Aliya Whiteley’s “Good Old Dirt” – sense is Taste. Aliya has been widely published and was a prizewinner in the BFS Short Story Competition in 2012. The other acceptance is “Musk” by Douglas Thompson. The sense here is Smell – so I now have all five of the primary human senses covered. A familiar writer to all Eibonvale followers, Doug has recently had his latest novel published by Elsewhen Press.

I am on my third round of reading with many of the stories; some of which don’t fall neatly into one of the traditional five senses and that’s a good thing. Expect to hear more from me very soon.

Sensorama Update

Posted: June 12, 2014 by allenashleywriter in Uncategorized

Good news: I have two new acceptances to announce. They are “The Taste of Turtle Tears” by Rhys Hughes and “The Sound Cyclones” by David Turnbull. Rhys’ story is for the sense of Taste, of course and David’s is for the sense of Hearing. Rhys is well known for many wonderful books, including “Tallest Stories” from Eibonvale; David has been widely published, including the opening story in “Astrologica” (Alchemy Press, UK, 2013).

For those of you still waiting to hear back from me, I am busy with second readings and will be in touch with everyone soon. Watch this space!