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Well, this is a big one. No less than five new chapbooks have been added to the Eibonvale website and should now be available to order – failing teething troubles because I am pretty whacked right now, in all honesty! These will be dispatched as soon as I have seen the physical copies of them, but they are available to order now.

We have:


Family Matters by Gaurav Monga – a set of miniatures laced with quiet absurdism and melancholy.


Third Instar by David Gullen – a vivid, evocative and ultimately dreamlike fantasy novella. One of the first times Eibonvale has ventured into this area of literature.


The Uneasy by Andrew Hook – a poignant and erotic story of a British expatriate and her increasingly surreal quest for sexual fulfilment.


The Man Who Murdered His Muse by James Champagne – a dark and sharp horror story about the art of writing, twisted intellectualism, mainstream success and the sometimes highly warped relationships people can have with their creative muse


Some Pink Star by Sophie Essex – Eibonvale’s first ever collection entirely of poetry, a very sharp and experimental book that explores the correlation between sex and violence, the willingness of either and both.

I have also vastly expanded the Eibonvale chapbook bundle deals, so you can now buy any three, four or five titles with a nice discount. So lets have a chapbook fest! I could use a fest. Yes – definitely time to celebrate the tiny books!