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Final Cover copy

I think it is time for another sale here at Eibonvale Press – to clear some space and make a little cash ready for our next two titles. This time, if you buy the hardcover of one of our three latest titles, you can choose another three books for a special bundle price. That’s any eibonvale book you fancy! So here’s a chance to stock up a bit.

Our three latest titles are Miss Homicide Plays the Flute by Brendan Connell and the anthologies Rustblind and Silverbright and Caledonia Dreamin’. All three of these are up there among the most exciting titles we have ever released, I think. ‘Homicide’ is our first ever luxurious limited edition, a beautiful book and a unique and strange read. Rustblind and Silverbright has been attracting rave reviews – one of our most successful titles. And in the short time since publication, Caledonia Dreamin has proved one of our best sellers.

Rustblind 5
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Final Cover copy
Finland’s finest Sami Airola, has reviewed Brendan Connell’s Miss Homicide Plays The Flute in glowing terms, over at his Rising Shadow website. Sami writes:

“…In my opinion Miss Homicide Plays the Flute is a superb feast of extraordinary storytelling, seductive decadence and experimental strangeness. It’s a gorgeous combination of different elements and nuances that melt together and produce a beautiful and seducing symphony of sublime pleasures and perversions to readers who appreciate reading something out of the ordinary. (By the way, if you truly want to enjoy the excellence of this novel, pour yourself a glass of wine, put a CD of classical music to your CD player and press play, sit in a comfortable chair, lean back and let yourself be seduced by the story.)

If you appreciate quality and good prose and read literary novels, do yourself a favour and read Miss Homicide Plays the Flute immediately. It’s a unique novel about the art of assassination and poisoning, musical instruments and history (Brendan Connell stirs these elements into a perfect mix of strange beauty and irresistable elegance). If you like thrillers, enjoy classical music, love weird stories and are fond of decandence, you won’t be disappointed by Miss Homicide Plays the Flute, because it offers all of these things and much more in an unforgettably weird package. It’s a literary treasure that awaits to be discovered by as many readers as possible.

Highly recommended!”

Our warm thanks to Sami, as to all our other reviewers and critics for taking the time to offer perspectives on our titles.

Miss Dynamite

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Final Cover copy

Our very first review of Brendan Connell’s Miss Homicide Plays The Flute is in, and Adam Groves of The Fright Site seems to have been knocked sideways by it. Adam writes:

“Here’s how Eibonvale Press categorizes this typically atypical novel by Brendan Connell: “Fiction, Mystery/Thriller, Science Fiction/Fantasy/Horror.” Content-wise it’s sold as “A relentless symphony of pleasantries and things unpleasant sketched with the inimitable style of a master’s hand.” I couldn’t have put it better myself!

…The insanity of the story is complimented by the author’s miscellany, if miscellany is even the correct term for the odd dreams, lengthy “recipes” of murderous methodology, brief glimpses of Hell (“…and the sinners suffering therein–them being fried in great pans, chopped into little bits with huge hatchets”), lengthy descriptions of the artwork the heroine admires and overall obsession with ancient Greece (evident in passages like a description of a nightclub that devolves into a highly eccentric dissertation on Greek dance). Such things may qualify as deviations from the main narrative, or perhaps it’s the other way around. Either way this is a fascinating oddity that resembles nothing so much as itself.”

Thanks, Adam!

Final Cover copy


There has never been an Eibonvale cover quite like this one! First look at Brendan Connell’s Miss Homicide Plays the Flute – our first ever limited edition! I am half out of my mind with excitement (and other emotions) over that. Printed by Anthony Rowe in 200 copies with coloured text on the interior of the book and this lurid cover, this will be unlike any previous Eibonvale title. It will also, of course, be signed, numbered and fingerprinted by the author.

In addition, as already stated, this book will be companioned by 26 lettered chapbooks entitled Drops of Poison – a collection of prose poems. These will be bundled with the first 26 preorders for Miss Homicide. As of writing, there are just TWO of these chapbooks left, so this is the last chance to bag a copy.

Follow this link to find out more and place an order:

The pre-orders for Brendan Connell’s new novel Miss Homicide Plays the Flute are now open. This is one of the most unusual books Eibonvale has worked on, with multicoloured inks and a hugely eccentric cover (which you will have to wait a little to see i’m afraid!). Perhaps most importantly though, this is our first ever signed and numbered limited edition, printed by Anthony Rowe.

The first 26 copies to be ordered will come with a free and exclusive lettered chapbook entitled Drops of Poison.

Click the link to find out more and to place an order.

Impending Homicide

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Things are rattling on well with the design for Miss Homicide Plays the Flute – the wild and astringent short novel by Brendan Connell that will be our next release. I really need to get the pre-orders open for that soon – at this rate the pre-order period will be quite short!

This will be our first ever limited edition (non-POD) book, so the excitement and tension here at Eibonvale Towers is intense.  Fittingly, it is one of the bizarrest physical the press has ever done. Even aside from the wild text, filled with the author’s trademark bitter experimental classicism and erudite placement, it should feature things like multicolour type and one of the stranger covers yet, leaning much more towards the sparse line-art that i do than the usual collages.

I’ll be keeping you informed and hopefully opening for orders soon. So be ready!