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Following on from the massive success of our pre-order promotion for Tallest Stories and An Emporium of Automata, we are continuing with a very special offer for Defeated Dogs. Customers who order one of our 26 promotional preorders will receive:

  • A hardcover copy of Defeated Dogs by Quentin S Crisp hand lettered and personalized as you like
  • An exclusive chapbook containing the author’s new short story The Magical Universe
  • A unique bookmark/sculpture created by the artist Miranda Keyes made out of the author’s hair

Yes – you did read that correctly. The author’s hair. Close examination of the cover of the book will reveal two separate Quentin Crisps, what you might call a before and after image. When I asked for unusual promotion ideas, he was quick to offer both this unusual resource and even suggested an artist to take on the project. Quentin sacrificing his hair for the project and an artist who (among other things) makes jewelry out of fish – all this was something I couldn’t possibly resist! The bookmarks are made by setting the hair within crystal resin and I am still not sure whether to call them bookmarks or beautiful and strange sculptures.

In addition to a truly unusual offer, this also helps underline the fact that Quentin’s writing is far from just neo-classical. He is a highly experimental and original voice, and I am very pleased to offer extras that help emphasize that.

This package is available to order now.  Click here.

Here are some prototypes provided by the artist, posing with the book Where Are We Going?

Here are some prototypes provided by the artist, posing with the book Where Are We Going?

Tallest Stories Promotions

The first 26 copies of Rhys Hughes’ Tallest Stories will be ‘lettered’, signed and personalised by Rhys Hughes himself and they will each come with a very special extra, a bundle of original hand-written manuscripts and/or drawings by the author in his uniquely strange, quirky style. There’s also a few rare chapbooks thrown in for good measure. The biggest prize is letter A, which will come with a complete notebook filled with Rhys’s jottings and stories.  That is 26 handwritten stories, including a few not yet published anywhere at all.  

Tallest Stories Promotions

Prices for the lettered copies will be the same as a standard hardcover.  In addition, I plan to put together a couple of discount bundles where you can get certain other books at a special cheap price if bought alongside Tallest Stories.  The Smell of Telescopes, our other title by Rhys Hughes, will be the main one – with some 40% off the list price.  I will also offer a bundle with our other forthcoming title, An Emporium of Automata by D P Watt, which is also illustrated and in terms of design, forms a kind of pair with Tallest Stories.  You will have to wait until you see the ordering page for full details of all these offers though.

In order to take advantage of all these offers, a short pre-order period will open on Saturday the 5th January at 6 o clock PM GMT (London) time, and it will be first come first served, with the letters being allocated in the order the orders are received.  So the first person of all to place an order will be the lucky winner of the coveted ‘A’ copy.

Needless to say, this special promotion will only be available through the Eibonvale website and it will last for as long as there are lettered copies available, whereupon ordering will revert to the standard system. So – if you have any interest at all in getting the coveted A copy, I strongly advise you to be ready!  I know there are already people hanging on ready to jump on these since there have been rumours and mentions flitting around facebook.  At six o clock, I will be publishing an order page for the book and an announcement here on the Eibonvale Blog – so be ready to move quickly!

Sorry – but there is no chance of reserving a specific letter.  And no orders will be taken by email before the official opening on the Eibonvale website.

And finally, need I remind you that even aside from these promotions, this is a very special book.  18 years in the making, over a year in the design phase alone and with 60 stories accompanied by 60 illustrations. Regarded by Rhys Hughes as possibly his most important book to date, and regarded by me (who slogged through those 60 illustrations) in a similar way, this is without doubt the most important book Eibonvale has released to date and one you really don’t want to miss.