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Blogcritics on Unpleasant Tales

Posted: October 7, 2010 by brendanconnell in Reviews
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Gordon Hauptfleisch at Blogcritics gives a very positive, in-depth review of Unpleasant Tales.

Agony Column / Unpleasant Tales

Posted: September 6, 2010 by brendanconnell in Reviews

A fantastic review of Unpleasant Tales is up at the Agony Column.

A quote:

“Connell is great in a prose level, and there are lots of passages you’ll want to read aloud just to mess with the heads of the people you love. Of course, this inclination will tell you more about yourself than you might want to know, but by then you’ll likely be hooked.”

Unpleasant Tales Reviews

Posted: August 13, 2010 by brendanconnell in Reviews
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A couple of reviews of Unpleasant Tales have come in.

Seregil of Rhiminee gives a very positive review at, from which I have extracted the following quote:

“What I like most about Brendan Connell is that he’s able to write about different kind of obsessions, perversities and weird happenings without flinching (he doesn’t shy away from difficult subjects). He doesn’t stop where other writers would stop, but goes full speed ahead and doesn’t look back. He’s also able to turn a perfectly normal story to a visceral story with just a few sentences and words.”

And, over at the Theaker’s Quarterly blog, Stephen Theaker likes the book and says:

“On the whole, these stories live up to the book’s title extremely well. “For an artist, all experiences are exquisite”, claims the protagonist of “The Tongue”, and this collection pushes that idea to its limit.”

The paperback of Unpleasant Tales is now availabe, for £8.99 direct from Eibonvale, or through Amazon and other places for those who prefer.

“Every generation throws up a few genuine Masters of the Weird. There simply is no hyperbole in the statement that Brendan Connell is a member of this elite group right now, perhaps the most accomplished of them all. His work is very strange but always proceeds with rigorous logic and his use of language is original, concise and often startling, employing the alchemy of a ferocious intelligence to create dreamscapes that have the solidity and cruelty of stone and iron. The blend of profound melancholy, decadent atmosphere and abstruse erudition work beautifully and the magic of his prose gets under the skin of your soul and remains there forever.”

—Rhys Hughes, author of A New Universal History of Infamy

Table of Contents for Unpleasant Tales

Posted: June 18, 2010 by brendanconnell in New Titles
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01 – The Maker of Fine Instruments

02 – The Black Tiger

03 – The Putrimaniac

04 – A Dish of Spouse

05 – The Girl of Wax

06 – The Tongue

07 – The Skin Collector

08 – The Nasty Truth About Dentists

09 – The Nanny Goat

10 – Mesh of Veins

11 – The Flatterer

12 – The Last Mermaid

13 – The Cruelties of Him

14 – Wiggles

15 – The Woman of Paper

16 – The Last of the Burroways

17 – Flit

18 – Kullullu

19 – Sirens

20 – The Unicorn

21 – Virgin Hearts

22 – We Sleep on a Thousand Waves Beneath the Stars