New releases!

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We are excited to announce our latest releases:

Gaseous Clay and Other Ambivalent Tales by John Travis is a full-length collection of 16 stories that straddle the line between horror and outsider art. Experimental and utterly unique, this outstanding volume offers a great example of British slipstream fiction! Available in hardcover and trade paperback.

Furious in the Expanse by Yarrow Paisley is our latest release in the Eibonvale Chapbook Line. A mini-collection of 14 idiosyncratic, transgressive and unclassifiable short pieces, and exactly the type of highly original work we’re proud to publish!

And coming very soon: the two-story mini-collection, The January Estate by Charles Wilkinson!

We are pleased to announce the release of a brand new Rhys Hughes title, the experimental novella My Rabbit’s Shadow Looks Like a Hand! This 80-page beauty is visually comparable to our previous Hughes book, How Many Times and also shares its experimental and innovative nature – from parallel columns and text grids to stories within stories, and more – all combined into a unique and cohesive Hughesian whole.

Note: rabbits image provided by the author as part of the novella.

Available to order here.

We’re very pleased to announce the official release of our newest title, #19 in the Eibonvale Chapbook Line: Affairs of a Cardiovascular Nature by Terry Grimwood! Now available for order here!

Or, if you’re interested in any of our chapbook bundle deals, have a look here.

Terry Grimwood is an author who has made a name for himself with his very powerful, human and wide-ranging fiction, covering horror, speculative, dystopian and other styles. This mini-collection gathers together some of his more innovative and experimental short fiction from all across that range. The title story is a grotesquely hilarious, absurdist and very British tale of love, intrigue and the exchange of hearts that reads like a post-modern PG Wodehouse fever-dream. It is joined by a collection of miniatures in the form of monologues or dialogues, ranging from a dystopian sales pitch and the political horrors revealed through a farcically unnerving interrogation, to a quiet restaurant meeting where the topic of discussion could hardly be greater or more shattering.  Affairs of a Cardiovascular Nature is an unusual example of British slipstream writing, a complex and bittersweet confection that deserves to be taken slowly.

Big thanks to Adam Groves of The Bedlam Files for his recent review of The Neo-Decadent Cookbook, edited by Brendan Connell and Justin Isis! And while you’re there, check out the VAST archive of book and film reviews – a fantastic reference!

You can find out more and order the book here:

A New Review of How Many Times? by Rhys Hughes!

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Thank you to the prolific Adam Groves of The Bedlam Files for his fantastic review of How Many Times?, a collection of highly experimental works by Rhys Hughes! Read the review here.

Eibonvale has recently released three new titles, which are now available to order in both hardcover and paperback.

Dabbling With Diabelli by D F Lewis

Originally published in paperback with an extremely limited release, this book collects thirty of D F Lewis’s favourite short stories, all demonstrating his unique style at the intersection of genre, literature and outsider art.  Click here for more info:


La Ronde by Colin Fisher

The latest book in the Eibonvale Chapbook Line.  There are few rivalries bitterer than that of siblings, and few more ferocious than that of art.

Sébastien and Gabrielle Laronde are the most exquisite expression of fin de siècle Avignon. Artists without compare, they exist in eternal competition vying for the supreme accolade – not the acclaim of their peers, but to be found worthy of their family and its mysterious legacy.

In prose as sumptuous and rich as any of the Laronde sculptures and paintings, the twins’ simmering resentments weave a sensuous spell about the Vaucluse artworld. Drawn into their orbit, a new muse brings Sébastien the promise of perfection; his prize lies within the shining stone, but whose craft can be its equal?

Click here for more info:

The Neo-Decadent Cookbook edited by Brendan Connell and Justin Isis

A new anthology containing stories by Ross Scott-Buccleuch, David Rix, Catherine Dousteyssier-Khoze, Jason Rolfe, Daniel Corrick, Brendan Connell, Colby Smith, Jessica Sequeira, Justin Isis, Quentin S. Crisp, Damian Murphy, Douglas Thompson, Ursula Pflug and Lawrence Burton.

Have you ever sautéed geometrical sex or eaten fate from the breasts of Minerva? Adjust your palate to the times with the Neo-Decadent Cookbook, the ONLY approved guide to the preparation of metaphysical concepts and other abstractions, alongside recipes likely to cause lasting changes to your internal organs. Editors Brendan Connell and Justin Isis have assembled a diverse list of contributors from around the world, each with their own stylistically novel take on culinary apotheosis. Fragments of fiction, poetry and instructional material will guide you towards a suitably delectable climax. TRUE UNDERSTANDING AND SCIENCE EXPLODE!

This book is currently available for pre-order and copies will be dispatched as soon as I have seen a physical proof copy.  Click here for more info:

Thank you very much to Rising Shadow for these lovely reviews of Alexander Zelenyj’s Animals of the Exodus and Jeremy Schliewe’s The Lighthouse!

We’re very happy to share four fantastic reviews of four Eibonvale Press chapbooks, courtesy of the prolific Adam Groves of the Bedlam Files!

The Uneasy – Andrew Hook

The Man Who Murdered His Muse – James Champagne

Tomorrow, When I Was Young – Julie Travis

Third Instar – David Gullen

Eibonvale During Corona Days

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Even though most of what I do is just, well, me working quietly at home, Eibonvale Press is experiencing some issues due to the Coronavirus. The printer/distributor for the vast majority of my books is currently in a state of extreme chaos after the pandemic hit just as they were upgrading their systems. The result has been glitches and errors left right and centre, as well as a considerable slow-down processing orders, new titles and all the many problems that have cropped up. Still – hard to criticise anyone who is struggling to keep going through all this.
The best one yet was when one book physically wouldn’t allow me to upload a cover file yet somehow went through the system anyway and is now sitting there plaintively pleading for approval for global distribution. What would happen if I let that out into the world, minus cover, I have no idea! Haven’t heard a peep from the support folks about it yet either.
In addition, the postage has become very shaky, especially international – again, no surprise at all under the circumstances and all credit to those who are keeping it going. But while the occasional loss is normal enough, I think I have replaced more missing or severely delayed books in the past couple of months than I normally would in years! It’s starting to get expensive!
There are other subtler things as well, such as the increased difficulty of me simply getting to the post office while it’s open … and even the fact that I currently have no easy access to newspapers for packing larger boxes!
All this to say, please bear with any creaking and groaning from deliveries and other stuff for a while. The vast majority of orders and tasks are still working just fine – and any issues, just contact me and I’ll sort them.
Also, new titles are on the way through the system and will be available very soon now.  Stand by for more news!

Animals of the Exodus

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Animals of the Exodus
Announcing the official release of our next Chapbook – Animals of the Exodus by Alexander Zelenyj. This small book collects four stories on the theme of refuges for the broken, the damaged – people hit hard by the darkness of humanity. As always, Zelenyj’s writing comes with a deep emotional wallop and sophistication.
This is one of our largest chapbooks to date, at 70 pages. I’m still going to include it in our choose your own bundle deals, however – unless anything goes drastically wrong – so you can order it now either like that or by itself.